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MATHS- HOT 24/03/2020

Due tomorrow at 11:59 PM



Hello everyone! We are continuing with weight today. Give this little video a watch please. After completing the video you can then complete the page attached. This is the HOT activity 🙂 You can then complete the active challenge listed below. If you manage to complete both then you can play some of the weight games. The link is listed below.


Active Challenge 


If possible use scales or a spring balance. Estimate and then find the weight of 5 items around your house. Write down your estimates and then check your answers.


Use the internet to estimate and then check your answers for the following animals. Remember we are focusing on weight. When you check your answers remember this will be the average. This can be recorded in your jotters or on a word document. 


  1. Blue Whale
  2. Indian Elephant
  3. German Shepard adult dog
  4. Female + Male lion

Can you think of two more animals you would like to find the average weight for?

MATHS 24.3.20 HOT

Personal Project – P6A


Good Morning, for the rest of the week once all your other tasks are complete, I would like you to complete a personal project. This is completely your choice but it must be something that makes you Happy. We are all trying to keep our spirits up and I thought sharing what makes us all happy would help. Please follow the outline below.

Tuesday: Choose the topic of your personal project. Remember it must be something that makes you happy when you think about it. Once you have chosen this then you can put together a mood board.

Open up a word document and fill it with pictures that link to your chosen topic. These will come in handy later so make sure to fill the page.

Add a brief three/ four sentence paragraph explaining what your topic is and why you choose it. Maybe say why it makes you happy.

Hand this in on the assignment page by uploading the document there.


Wednesday: Compose a poem about your chosen subject.

Make sure to choose your words carefully. I’m looking for up levelled vocabulary.

Thesaurus may be required.

Try to express with your words the feeling of joy that inspired you to choose this subject.

These poems are to by uploaded to the FILES tab inside the poetry folder there. Try dragging your poem pic/ document from your desktop to the folder.


Thursday: Gather information for a presentation. I would like you to use your class notebook to store the information. Remember that you already have a whole bunch of photos from Tuesdays task.


Friday: Time to put together a PowerPoint presentation on your chosen subject.

Think about transitions, colour theory and not overloading slides. 4 to 5 key points on any given slide. 2 to 4 pictures. The poem and the mood board should help you in this editing process. This should be uploaded to the assignment page when completed.


This should hopefully help you to navigate with my help around the Teams Classroom.


All questions welcome. Use the Teams post board, chat and email to enquire about anything.

Good Luck!

Miss Altman


Indefinite Articles – Grammar

Indefinite_articlesDue tomorrow at 11:59 PM


Indefinite article


Good  day to you Grammarians,



What is an article?

an article is an adjective. Like adjectives, articles help nouns.

English has two articles: the and a/an.


Whats the difference?

The is used to refer to specific or particular nouns. This is the DEFINITE article


a/an is used to modify non-specific or non-particular nouns. This is the INDEFINITE article.


For example, if I say, “Let’s read the book,” I mean a specific book. If I say, “Let’s read a book,” I mean any book rather than a specific book.


Today we are looking at indefinite articles, please complete the worksheet using the correct grammar (a or an). The worksheet will help you.


Remember that you can type your answers on the sheet and then upload this as your evidence.

How to send an email

Here are some steps for sending and email:

  1. Log onto glow
  2. Look for the Mail Icon
  3. Click on this and look in the top left corner of the mail screen for this.
  4. Click on new message.
  5. Put my address into the to: bar.
  6. Attach any files or photos using the attach tab at the top.
  7. Write a subject about what the message is i.e. Maths task.
  8. Click send.

Have a try and get back to me.

Mr M

Home Learning

Hello everyone 🙂

Tomorrow we will start our home learning journey. Class teachers will be posting a variety of assignments on each class page. Remember it is up to you what order you complete these activities.

There will be a mix of numeracy/mathematics, literacy, health & well-being & IDL activities set. You can also use the yellow jotter that was sent home for any work you complete.

You do not have to be on the page from 9-3:15 but you should manage your time effectively. The class teachers will be available to help you throughout the day. A quick register will be taken and you can respond with a simple ‘hi’ to show your teacher you are online today- again there is no set time for this.

We are all learning this together. Looking forward to starting our home learning journey tomorrow. Remember if you have any questions then just ask.

Miss Gemmell, Miss Altman & Mr Morrison


Rangoli (not a pasta!)

Bonjour artists,

Today we travel to exotic India to explore patterns and colour.

A Rangoli is a colourful design drawn on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. During Diwali, Hindus draw bright Rangoli patterns on the floor by the front door to encourage the goddess Lakshmi to enter their homes. Rangoli can be square, rectangular or circular. They are traditionally drawn using rice grains, flour, sand or chalk (but please don’t use the flour/ rice or sand).

Rangoli designs are usually taken from nature. Peacocks, swans, mango and flowers are popular. Rangoli come in all shapes and sizes!


Your task is to create your own Rangoli pattern to add a little colour and interesting design to your house. The key is not to rush. Use pencils to plan out on paper the design you want. I have attached a few templates that can be printed. or you could go online and research your own. Try looking around the house for inspiration.

Post a picture of your design in the assignment tab.


Au Revoir,


Mr M


Garden/ House Angle Hunt

Good day hunters,


With the weather improving I thought is would be a great idea for you to show off your ICT/ Maths skills at the same time. Similar to work previously done in class I would like you to show me examples that you can find of each of the different types of angles.


Acute- Aww it’s so small and dainty, remember that the range of this wee angle is between 1 and 89 degrees.

Right- The famous one who even had a triangle named after him. So cool he only is at 90 degrees.

Obtuse- A little awkward this angle is somewhere in between being right and being a straight line. The range is 91 to 179 degrees.

Straight- Never getting into trouble and keeping itself on the straight and narrow. 180 degrees and only 180 degrees.

Reflex- The biggest range of any angle but weirdly the least spoken about. Help reflexes PR problem and find some angles between 181 and 359 degrees.

Full turn- The whole turn. Easy to find if you know your shapes. 360 degrees.


Use a digital devise to take pictures and then edit the picture to draw on and name the angle.


Post the pictures to the assignment if you can. If not you can always add them to your class notebook under maths or pop them into files.


As in school remember to put your name on your work!


Good luck,

Home School Tasks 20/03/2020

Daily tasks for those of you who are staying at home 20/03/2020 (Ha I just noticed that if we wrote the date like Americans we would have 3 lots of 20. 03/20/2020)
1. Let me know if you have read this message by hitting the reply button and saying “Got it @Mr Morrison”. The @ key sends a note straight to me if you put my name after it.
2. Finish the two assignments from yesterday.
3. Try out the two assignments posted today.

P6 Teams tasks for 19/03/2020

Daily tasks for 19.03.2020 is to:
1. Log onto teams using your glow username and address. Any issues with that then remember you can email me at and I can check your username and reset your password.
2. As we learn to move around the teams learning space I would like you to switch to the general channel to access the assignments that have been set up. When you look at them I get a little note saying you have viewed them.
3. In the files I will put any documents or PowerPoints for the assignments. Check the class materials folder for documents and PowerPoints from previous days.
4. Remember you have been trained in managing your own timetable. Language- reading assignment/ Maths- measure revision/ Art- mindfulness mendi/ Topic- research and start of your India tourist leaflet. I am available to support through the day so ask any questions you have.


Big Pedal 2020

Good news !  The Big Pedal cycling, scooting and walking challenge is back.  From Wednesday 22nd April to Tuesday 5th May we would like you to bring your bike or scooter to school every day. You will get the chance to bike or scoot with your classmates and your teacher. If you can’t bring a bike or scooter, you can walk and that will count too.  For more information have a look at the Big Pedal website.

This is a national competition to see how many journeys we can make biking, scooting or walking. Please ask an adult to check that your bike or scooter is in good working order. You may bring a lock to use but you must be responsible for the key.

Rules – all cyclists MUST wear a helmet

– no cycling or scooting in the playground ( or the ashy path) unless you are with your teacher (on the way in/out, playtime and lunchtime)

We have taken part in this challenge for the last few years and it is always good fun.  We are usually in the top 10. Let’s try for top 3 this year!

Happy cycling/scooting/walking

Mrs Ferguson