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Eco Committee

Hello P6,

This is a reminder to bring a packed lunch tomorrow if you are a member of our school’s Eco Committee. There will be an Eco Committee meeting during lunch tomorrow, you will have your lunch with your committee groups.

Have a nice night,

Miss Moore  & Miss Altman

Homework & News 20.09.21

Good Morning P6A,

I  hope you had a lovely weekend. This weeks spelling homework is a revision week of spelling rules from the last 4 weeks.

Wreckage, Orphanage, Acceptance, Clearance, Hesitancy, Confidence, Revenge and Privilege.

When completed, please upload your work to the assignment area on teams or complete your homework in your homework jotter and hand it in on Thursday.

This week we are focusing on your multiplication skills, complete the times table challenge worksheet on teams, you can practise your skills here –
Please remember to bring your reading book everyday. On Wednesday you will receive a new reading book. If you have finished your Accelerated Reader, please remember to complete a quiz in class and let me know so that I can get you another book.
PE is on Tuesday this week.
Friday 24th and Monday 27th are holidays.
We will also be painting on Tuesday, please bring in an old t-shirt to cover your school uniform with.
Have a lovely week and a fabulous long weekend.
Miss Altman

Friday Afternoon – Astronaut Research

Here is our task for this afternoon. Good luck!

Learning Outcome:


I can extend and enhance my knowledge of digital technologies to collect, analyse ideas, relevant information and organise these in an appropriate way.

TCH 2-01a


I can use digital technologies to search, access and retrieve information and am aware that not all of this information will be credible.

TCH 2-02a

Astronaut Research Challenge

Skill for Learning:

·       Creativity – We can design and produce a power point about an important astronaut.

Social Skill:

·       Equal Participation – Each member of the group shares the work load fairly.



An Astronaut is a person who is specifically trained to travel and work in space. They are extremely experienced in flight, and it takes many years of study to become one.

Your task today is to research some of the most important Astronauts and create a power point about them.

You may choose at least 3 astronauts from the following list:

Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Guion Bluford, Yuri Gagarin, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Sally Ride, Alan Shephard, Valentina Tereshkova or Mae Jemison.


Success Criteria

Your power point must:

·       Contain information about at least 3 astronauts.

·       Contain a variety of text in your own words. It should not just be copied and pasted.

·       Upload appropriate images.

·       Use appropriate punctuation, spacing and layout.

·       Contain the work of all group members.

·       Be saved and shared using GLOW.

You have 80 minutes to complete this task.


  * ** *** ****
Contribution to academic goal I worked towards the group goals only when I was prompted. I sometimes needed prompting to work towards the group goals. I worked towards the group goals without prompting; I accepted and carried out my individual role in the group. I actively worked towards the group goals; I carried my individual role in the group and did it to the best of my abilities.
Consideration of others I needed regular reminders to be sensitive to the feelings of my team mates. I showed some sensitivity to the feelings of my team mates. I showed sensitivity to the feelings of others and encouraged them to join in. I showed sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others; I valued their opinions, ideas and skills and encouraged them to contribute.
Contribution of knowledge I contributed information and ideas only when I was prompted. I contributed information, ideas and opinions but sometimes had to be prompted. I contributed information, ideas and opinions without prompting. I actively contributed good quality information, ideas and opinions .
Working and sharing with others I joined in only when prompted and I mostly relied on others to do the work. I sometimes needed prompting to join in and often needed reminding to do my share of the work. I willingly joined in and did my share of the work without needing reminding. I actively joined in and helped drive the team forward and did my share of the work to a high standard.


Use the links below to help you research.


Homework & News 13.09.21

Good afternoon P6A Bishopton Primary, your homework has been posted on teams. Your maths homework is in a Chilli Challenge format attached to the homework assignment. Please choose and complete one in your jotter or on teams. Remember to bring your reading book in every day, we will swap our books on Wednesday or when you have finished reading them.
Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday, please remember to come in relaxed uniform.
Wednesday and Thursday are school photograph days.
Have a lovely week,
Miss Altman

Reading Books

Good Afternoon,

Reading books have been issued to your child today.  Children are encouraged to read for a minimum of 10 minutes a night. When reading with your child please use the 3 P’s – Pause, Prompt and Praise if they are unable to read a word. Another strategy you could use is the Three Sharings: 1. What are your likes/dislikes about the book? 2. What are your puzzles/questions about the book? 3. Can you find any connections in the book? Does it remind you of anything in your life or a book or film/TV you have seen?

Please could children bring their books into school every day. Reading books should be handed back on Wednesday 15th September.

P6 Homework 06.09.21

Good Afternoon,

This weeks homework has been posted on teams and below. Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday, please come in your relaxed uniform.

Spelling Rule – -nge & -ance

When completed, please upload your work to the assignment on teams or complete your homework in your homework jotter and hand it in on Friday.

We have also added a link to a spelling wordsearch to help you practise your words.













Maths Homework
This weeks maths is revising tenths. Please complete the worksheet on teams.  Here is a link to a video to help you Remember to also ask in school if you are unsure.
Reading books will be issued on Wednesday, please make sure that your reading book is brought to school everyday. Try to read for 10 minutes a night and practise reading aloud.
Have a lovely week!
Miss Altman

P6 Homework 30.08.21

Good Morning,

We hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. This week we are starting homework. Your child has a homework jotter and letter in their schoolbags. The homework has been posted on teams for your child to complete, however they can  complete tasks in their homework jotter and return it to school on Friday.

Spelling – age & ege words

Please complete using the look, say, cover, write and check method 3 times, write 6 sentences, find the root and shoot words and complete an active task.  Active Spelling Menu

Courage, Wreckage, Orphanage. Marriage, Privilege, College. Allege, Siege, Quickly, Became, Shown, Minutes.

Maths – Chilli Challenge 4 operations

Maths Homework wk1

When completed, please upload your work to the assignment on teams or complete your homework in your homework jotter and hand it in on Friday.


Week Beginning 23.08.21

Good Morning P6,

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready to start the new week. It was lovely to get to know you all and hear all about your summer break. This week is another busy week as we will be starting our topic of Space. Homework will start next Monday. This week we will go over our spelling tasks and remind you how to access your spelling on teams. If you are unsure of your login details, please let us know and we can sort this for you. If you have any school resources from P5 at home could these be returned this week also.

P6A & P6S PE days Tuesday and Friday

P6M PE days Moday and Wednesday

Thank you,

Miss Altman, Miss Moore, Mr McAvoy & Mr Morrison

Welcome to P6🌟

We had a great day getting to know you all yesterday and hearing all about your summer holidays. We hope you enjoyed your first day in P6 too!

This week we will be focusing on building relationships and settling back into a routine. Your PE days are a Tuesday and Friday, please remember to wear your relaxed school uniform on these days. You will receive a homework letter soon and this will detail all of the homework and class information.

Please find the link below to the school lunch menus (standard, dairy- free, gluten-free and egg-free):

Renfrewshire School Lunch Meals

We hope you have a great week and remember we are always here to help you if you need anything. 😊

Miss Altman & Miss Moore

Big Pedal 2021

Sustrans Big Pedal - year, as always, the school will be taking part in the Big Pedal, the Sustrans national competition to get everyone moving – cycling, scooting and walking.

Below you will find a video and information sheet.

This year will be a little bit different as we are asking children to bring their bike or scooter on alternate days.  Please see the timetable below for your child’s days.

Date Classes
Mon 19th April P2,P5,P6,P7
Tues 20th April P1,P3 and P4
Wed 21st April P2,P5,P6,P7
Thurs 22nd April P1,P3 and P4
Fri 23rd April P2,P5,P6,P7
Mon 26th April P1,P3 and P4
Tues 27th April P2,P5,P6,P7
Wed 28th April P1,P3 and P4
Thur 29th April P2,P5,P6,P7
Fri 30th April P1,P3 and P4

There are only a few simple rules –

all children must wear a helmet on a bike

bikes and scooters should be wheeled through the playground on the way in and out of school and on the ashy path.

Parents and younger siblings are welcome to join in the challenge.

Every child will get the chance to cycle or scoot with their friends in the playground during the day.

We would ask that you check over bikes and scooters to make sure they are safe to use, especially if they haven’t been used for a while.

Please don’t worry if your child is unable to bring their bike or scooter on any of their days.  Walking counts too!

Big pedal parent info

We are all looking forward to the Big Pedal.  It should be lots of fun.