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Thank You P6A

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of P6A for all your hard work and resilience. The past few months have been strange for us all and I am so proud of how well you have all coped with the changes. It has been lovely catching up with you virtually and I am looking forward to catching up with you properly all being well in August.

Have a fantastic summer, relax, have fun and I look forward to seeing you all in person very soon.

Thank you for a fantastic year.

Miss Altman

Virtual Sports Day 27.05.20

Wednesday 27th May marks our annual Sports Day and this year we will be hosting our first ever Virtual Sports Day.

Please remember to look out your House Colours for the event.

This year, your whole household can get involved in trying to win points for your house team by completing the tasks, creating banners and making new chants. Please send us pictures or videos of these activities to become part of our house montages.

It is all about getting active, having fun and supporting your house!

Will Team Falcon, Team Hawk, Team Osprey or Team Eagle win the cup?

It is up to you!

Bishopton Pedal 2020

Today should have been the start of the Big Pedal walking/cycling/scooting national competition that we all enjoy so much each year.

This year we’re turning it into the Bishopton Pedal.

As part of your daily exercise, we would like you to try to cycle, scoot or walk every day for the next 2 weeks.  Please make sure that bikes and scooters are safe for you to use and that you wear helmets on your bike just as you would if you were at school. If you do not have access to a safe place to cycle, scoot or walk please just carry on with all the other daily fitness ideas provided by your teachers.

Remember all your family are welcome to join in too.

Be safe and have fun.



Hello everyone, today we are continuing to look at our volume and capacity topic.  Have a look at the video linked below.

After watching the videos you could give some of the Volume games on Topmarks a go. These will help to develop your understanding.

Can you find 3 items around the house and list the volume/capacity of the items ?




If you manage this you could try the mild OR hot pages that are attached. This will look at a variety of measurements we have covered. Some of this sheet requires you to match up items, you could use your jotter to do this or if you are doing it in a word document just put the measurements next to each other.  Any issues then please let me know!


The Inspired By Story!

story writing checklist


You are so lucky!


I am so excited for this task as I know just how good a group of Primary 6 writers that we are blessed with.

I’m taking the shackles off. I’m only going to give you one instruction.


  1. Write from something that you know!

What I mean by this is think of the stories that you have grown up with. We are lucky to be surrounded by quality literature in Bishopton Primary School. Take elements of a story that you love and see if you can create a new tale.

It could be the missing pages from the Diary of a Wimpy Kids, or forgotten tales from Hogswarts, or even Olaf vs Summer (aka Not So Frozen!).


Now this can be typed or handwritten. We only ask that you remember all of those previous writing lessons.

Can I see paragraphs, hyperbole, metaphors, alliteration, personification, correct punctuation… don’t waste an opportunity to add exuberant, vibrant vocabulary.


Really enjoy the process of creating something.


A very jealous,


Mr M


p.s your teachers are on hand to support your creations so run those ideas past us and ask if you need reminding of anything.

Maths – Volume

Volume – is a measurement of how much space is taken up by a 3 dimensional (3D) shape.

The units used in measuring liquid volumes are millilitres and litres.


Have a look at the website below to support your understanding of Volume.

Please complete the textbook pages which are linked below.


I would also like you to log into SumDog and play for at least 20minutes. I will be playing along with you if I can!

Friction Investigation

Due tomorrow at 11:59 PM


Hello curious minds,


Ever wondered why the tyre on your bike slows down if you are not pedalling. Or why it is harder to slow down when running in new trainers?

Well today you get to indulge your curiosity. I would like you to watch this video on what friction is and then with your parents permission you may want to try one of the experiments yourself.

After that I would like you to complete the attached worksheet and then hand it in to this assignment.


Happy experimenting,





Due tomorrow at 11:59 PM




Hello everyone! We are continuing with weight today. Give this little video a watch please. After completing the video you can then complete the page attached. This is the MILD activity 🙂 Once you have completed this activity you can give some of the weight games a go. Let me know how you get on.


Active Challenge 


If possible use scales or a spring balance. Estimate and then find the weight of 5 items around your house. Write down your estimates and then check your answers.


Use the internet to estimate and then check your answers for the following animals. Remember we are focusing on weight. When you check your answers remember this will be the average. This can be recorded in your jotters or on a word document. 


  1. Blue Whale
  2. Indian Elephant
  3. German Shepard adult dog
  4. Female + Male lion

Can you think of two more animals you would like to find the average weight for?