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Author visit March 3rd 2020

We are very excited to announce the visit to the school of local author Lindsay Littleston.  She will be speaking to children in P5-7 about creative writing and life as an author.  Her books will be available to purchase on the day at the price of £6 each but there is absolutely no obligation to buy!  Children can bring cash on the day if they wish to buy.

She will be reading from her latest novels, The Titanic Detective Agency and Guardians of the Wild Unicorns.

It will be a fun, interactive presentation with a quiz, book reading and question and answer session.

Mrs Campbell (Literacy Champion)

P6 Spelling Homework 13.01.2020


Please look, cover, write and check each word. Remember to use your words in a sentence or they can be part of a paragraph or short story.

Our rules this week are -ise & -ize

Remember to find out what the root is for the words and if there are any shoot words.

-ise & -ize














P6 Burns Poetry Recitation

We are at that time of year again when Bishopton Primary celebrates the diversity of language that is spoken across Scotland. Oor Scots celebrations, as always will, build towards a special assembly when we can share popular poetry written in the Scots tongue.

In primary 6 it is tradition to focus on the poems of the bard Robert Burns. We would ask the children to choose a poem by Robert Burns to learn and recite to the class.

We expect the poem to be chosen by 16/01/2020 to give enough time for it to be memorized. Pupils will be given support within the class to learn and perform there poem.


BBC Robert Burns

Poems can be sourced from the link above. This site also has readers to help pupils with pronunciation.

Aw the best in selecting your poem.

Mr Morrison


Primary 6A Homework 6.1.2020

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school, I hope you all had a lovely relaxing holiday and are refreshed for the year ahead. This term we are adding an extra 2 spelling words to revise each week. Please choose 6 words to write a sentence for and remember your roots and shoots. Your words are listed below. Please remember to check your spelling when completing your work and remember to hand it in on Friday.

This weeks maths will be revision please choose the suitable level and if you require further challenge please let me know.

Miss Altman

Monday 6th January 2020

-ible & -ate














1.    18×2 80×20
2.   3678 – 483 3678 divided by 5
3.   ½ of 610 ¾ of 640
4.   g – 7 = 40 g = ? g – 5 = -5   g = ?
5.   1.5 x 100 328 divided by 1000
6.   896 + 176 896.25 + 17.6
7.   5k = 25 k = ? 5k + 2 = 52 k = ?
8.   ¼ of 120 3/8 of 648
9.   56 x 10 56 x 13
10.                2/5 of 25 44.15 x 1000, subtract 87 =


Merry Christmas 🎄

 I can’t believe it is Christmas already!

I would just like to wish Primary 6a and their families a very Merry Christmas 🎅 and a Happy New Year 🎉.

Thank you for all the help and support and for working so hard and also for all the lovely gifts, it is greatly appreciated. I hope you have a lovely holiday and I will see you in the new year.

Keep up the fantastic work in 2020! 📚

Miss Altman


P6A and P6M homework 09/12/19

Primary 6 Dates for Diary

Christmas Lunch– Christmas lunch will be Thursday the 12th December.

Christmas Jumper Day– Friday 13th December.

Spelling Homework

This week we will be looking at a range of words that end with -sure and -ture, Please use these words for your Look, Say, Cover and Write

  • Assure
  • Pressure
  • Closure
  • Gesture
  • Nurture
  • Future

In addition we have these four common words:

  • Special
  • Heavy
  • Pair
  • Circle

Remember to write six sentences using as many of your words as possible.


Any issues please get in touch,

Mr Morrison


Christmas Choir to perform at Christmas Fair

We have enough children who have returned forms to enable us to go ahead and perform at the School Fair on Saturday.                             We have our final rehearsal tomorrow (Wednesday) at lunch time – 12.15 in Miss Mackay’s classroom.  It would be good if you bring a packed lunch.                                                                                                                      On Saturday, we will be performing at 2 o’clock for about 20 minutes on the stage.  We will meet at 1.55pm in the P7 cloakroom near the stage.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.                                                                                      Miss Mackay and Miss Cuthill

Christmas postboxes

It’s that time of year again.  The Christmas postboxes are out in school.   If children wish to post a Christmas card to someone in school please put the child’s name and class on the envelope.  If you think there are 2 people with the same name please put second initial too eg. Sam M . The P3 Christmas posties will deliver your card for you.

Primary 6- House Art Day

Hi everyone,

A quick reminder that tomorrow is house art day. If possible you can wear house colours 🙂 Remember we will be doing lots of Christmas art activities so take this into consideration when picking what you will wear ( You don’t want paint all over your favourite jumper).

Hope you are all looking forward to it,

Miss Gemmell, Miss Altman & Mr Morrison

Primary 6 Maths

Hi everyone 🙂

Here is the maths homework for this week.

The focus of this weeks homework is working with decimals. In class we have also been working on fractions and percentages, try to use this knowledge to help you with some of the questions.

Remember to try your best 🙂 



1.  Write 0.67 as a fraction

2. What is 48% as a decimal?

3. 1.87 – 0.02=

4. 4.2m + 6.8m=

5. 7 x 0.3 kg=

6. 10 x 6.3=

7. 10 x 68.8=

8. Write in decimal form 23 hundredths.

9. Write in decimal form 4 hundredths.

10. Write 1/2  as a decimal.



  1. Write 0.88 as a fraction

2.  What is 75% as a decimal?

3.  3.8 – 2.17=

4.  9.22 + 3.14=

5.  6 x 1.56 kg=

6.  Write 17 hundredths in decimal form.

7.  What is 3/4 as a decimal?

On average, children grow 0.58 cm a month.

8. How much would an average child grow in 8 months?

9. Eva had a growth spurt and grew three times faster than an average child. How much more would Eva had grown?

10.  0.44 x 4 – 1 =