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Big Pedal 2021

Sustrans Big Pedal - year, as always, the school will be taking part in the Big Pedal, the Sustrans national competition to get everyone moving – cycling, scooting and walking.

Below you will find a video and information sheet.

This year will be a little bit different as we are asking children to bring their bike or scooter on alternate days.  Please see the timetable below for your child’s days.

Date Classes
Mon 19th April P2,P5,P6,P7
Tues 20th April P1,P3 and P4
Wed 21st April P2,P5,P6,P7
Thurs 22nd April P1,P3 and P4
Fri 23rd April P2,P5,P6,P7
Mon 26th April P1,P3 and P4
Tues 27th April P2,P5,P6,P7
Wed 28th April P1,P3 and P4
Thur 29th April P2,P5,P6,P7
Fri 30th April P1,P3 and P4

There are only a few simple rules –

all children must wear a helmet on a bike

bikes and scooters should be wheeled through the playground on the way in and out of school and on the ashy path.

Parents and younger siblings are welcome to join in the challenge.

Every child will get the chance to cycle or scoot with their friends in the playground during the day.

We would ask that you check over bikes and scooters to make sure they are safe to use, especially if they haven’t been used for a while.

Please don’t worry if your child is unable to bring their bike or scooter on any of their days.  Walking counts too!

Big pedal parent info

We are all looking forward to the Big Pedal.  It should be lots of fun.

Online Learning 26. 01.21

Good afternoon P6,

We hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well. Times are challenging at the moment for all of us and we wanted to say how proud we are of you for adapting to online lessons again.

As we are in the middle of Primary 6 the expectations differ from last lockdown and new learning is taking place. Lessons have been pre-recorded to support your understanding, as it would be in class. We are noticing that some of these lessons are not being viewed online and work is not being completed correctly or handed in without any work. Could you please make sure that you are following all instructions, watching the pre-recorded lessons and if you have any questions you can ask us in our teams chat or through email. Your work should also be uploaded into your assignment area before handing in. If this is not working you can email your work to us. We understand that assignments may not always load first time and ask that you try again or ask us and we can send you another link.

Your Daily Task post will let you know what lessons you have to complete each day just as you would in school.

If you have any questions please let us know that is what we are here for!

Thank you

Miss Altman, Miss Gemmell and Mr Morrison

Optional Outdoor Learning Cards

Outdoor learning cards

Welcome back!

With everything being a little different we thought it might be good to give you a reason to take a break. It helps you now and again to step away from the screen and to get out and about in your local area. With this in mind we have set up 16 cards across Bishopton and Dargavel for you to spot when you are out playing or going for a walk. If you find one don’t keep it to yourself; make sure and share where it is with everyone else. There are challenges/ stories/ poems and facts on them.

This is an optional activity and if you don’t want to do any of the suggestions on the card then that is ok. They are simply an excuse to get you out exploring everything our beautiful village has to offer. You may even learn a little Scots along the way.

Happy hunting,

Team Bishopton

Primary 6 Home Learning.

Happy New Year Primary 6!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday. We will be starting our online learning on Monday 11th January 2021. We are looking forward to hearing from you all. 😊

While we are trying to keep our days as close to a regular school day as possible, we understand that everyone has different circumstances. All we want is for you to try your best. If you need any help, let your teachers know.

Here is a little rundown of how we would like our home learning to go:

  • Every day you should respond in the Morning postbefore starting any work. This will let us keep a register.
  • We will also have a Daily Task postwhere you will find the tasks for that day.
  • We will have a Pupil of the Day postwhere you can leave a compliment for your friend.
  • We will have a Team meetingevery Monday and Thursday at 09:30am
  • Assignments– Please upload your work to the assignments so we can give you feedback directly.
  • Daily Tasks– Every day you will have Literacy (spelling and at least one other task), Numeracy and Maths (mental and one main task), Health and Well-Being (Pupil of the Day, daily fitness or PATHS) or another curricular area. (topic, art, music)

We plan to post the tasks for each day the night before on Teams. This will hopefully help you plan how your day will go. In the daily post we will detail how the learning will be delivered. This may be via a recorded PowerPoint, a link to an online lesson, videos, games etc. Please do not worry if you cannot make these lessons, they will be recorded and posted afterwards.

A rough timetable is attached at the bottom of this post, you can adapt this to suit your own circumstances. If you, or your grown-ups, are finding it difficult to balance the online learning with life at home, take a break and come back to it when you can. All we ask is that you try your best. 😊

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Gemmell, Miss Altman & Mr Morrison



Primary 6 Timetable




+ Class call


Spelling – new words introduced


(Introduced with CT during class call)


+ Literacy

P.E – Joe Wicks Maths PATHS    IDL/TOPIC


Register + Morning Post Literacy- Comprehension

(PowerPoint with CT)

P.E- Just Dance/ Cosmic Yoga Maths

(CT Video clip)

Spelling – rhyme and syllables

(Video clip)



Register + Morning Post Spelling – parts of speech


Literacy –


Maths Personal Reading Health + Wellbeing

(PowerPoint with CT)



Register +

Class call


Literacy- Grammar/ Handwriting

(Video with CT)

Reading Maths Spelling- Roots and Shoots P.E


Register +

Morning Post

Mental Maths + Games Literacy – Spelling Quiz + Games P.E + PATHS Class Novel/ reading for enjoyment IDL/ TOPIC

PowerPoint with CT)



Teacher Input

CT- Class Teacher

Merry Christmas 6AG

Primary 6AG + Family

I can’t believe that we are stopping for the Christmas Holidays already. What an excellent start to the year we have had! It has been a tricky year for many people but we have still managed to have lots of fun and make fantastic memories!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would like to say a massive thank you for all the gifts we have received.  In such challenging times we are extremely grateful for all the kind words and support you have shown us this year.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2021.


Miss Gemmell + Miss Altman x 

P6AG Homework & News – 14.12.20

Good Morning,

How is it the last week of term 2 already? We have a busy week ahead with finishing of our term 2 learning and some Christmas fun thrown in! On Wednesday we will be watching a Pantomime in class which we are looking forward to and have lots of lovely art activities planned this week.

Maths Homework – There is no homework this week, however we would like you to keep practicing your times tables to support your knowledge of number processes. If your child is ever unsure of any maths topics and need a little refresher of how to complete them, please have a look at the following link. This will explain to them how we teach the topics in class. Cluster-Parent-Prompts-Second-Amended-1

We still have some spelling words to practice which are posted below and on the blog.

Your rule this week is the suffixes – sure and ture 

assure, pressure, closure, unsure, gesture, nurture, culture and future

Common Words

special, heavy, pair, circle

P6AG Homework & News – 07.12.20

Good Morning,

We hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend and are all ready for a busy week. This Friday is Christmas jumper day we would like everyone to put on a Christmas Jumper. It could be an old jumper or top covered with stickers, tinsel, foil or anything sparkly. We are suggesting a donation of £1 which you can make through Parent Pay.  This will be open until 18 December.

Christmas lunch is on Thursday 10th of December.

Homework is posted on our class teams page and below.

Your rule this week is the suffix – ation and the sound ch che for sh
creation, operation, education, relation, exploration, chute, chalet, parachute and moustache.
Common Words
cannot, able, size, material

Maths – Revision Chilli Challenge

Please remember to practise your times tables, we are focusing on the 2x, 4x  and 8x this week.

2 Times table –

4 Times Table –

8 Times Table –

Worksheet – Maths Homework Chilli Challenge

Victorian Topic Homework – Any completed tasks should be  handed in by Friday please.

Miss Altman & Miss Gemmell



P6AG – 01.12.20 – Homework & News

Good Morning,

We hope you all had a lovely long weekend and are all ready for a busy week.

Homework is posted on our class teams page and below.

Your rule this week is the suffix – cian 
musician, magician, dietician, optician, technician, politician, electrician and beautician
Common Words
rule, among, noun, power
Maths –
SumDog to support your maths skills.
Pizza Fractions – Finding percentages of amounts

P6AG Victorians Research Task

Your Task –

Choose a famous Victorian from the list below and use the websites to research the impact which their life had. Your task is to create a poster or fact file about your famous victorian.

Charles Dickens – author

Robert Louis Stevenson – Scottish author

Dr Barnardo – Started homes for street children.

Charles Darwin – British naturalist and geologist (scientist)

John Cadbury – Chocolatier

Florence Nightingale – Founder of modern nursing

Robert Peel – Police Force

Joseph Lister – Antiseptic Surgery


P6AG Homework & News – 23.11.20

Good Morning,

We hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend and are all ready for a busy week. This Friday is house art day, please make sure your child comes dressed in old clothes as we will be taking part in lots of crafty activities.

Christmas lunch letter has been handed out today. Please return by Tuesday 1st of December.

We are looking for donations of Christmas napkins for our hampers which will be distributed in the local community. Please can donations be received by Friday 4th of December.

Homework is posted on our class teams page and below.

Spelling – Your rule this week is – Revision

centipede, kilometre, millionth, suggestion, permission, extension, postgraduate and competition

Maths – Money Problems

Please choose either the medium or hot worksheet to complete.

Money homework Hot

Money homework Medium

Miss Altman & Miss Gemmell