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Thank You Primary 6G!

Hi everyone,

I want to send you all a quick message to say I hope you have a fantastic Summer. I am so lucky that I had such a wonderful class this year and I will treasure our memories together. I am so proud of all my Primary 6G pupils who have shown understanding, patience and resilience during this time. I feel very lucky to have been their teacher.

You are an asset to Bishopton Primary and I have no doubt you will continue to thrive in Primary 7.

I want to thank all the parents/guardians of the children. Having only been at Bishopton since August you have all been incredibly generous, understanding and welcoming. Thank you for all your support and I hope you have a wonderful Summer. You deserve it!

Have fun and enjoy this time.

Take care,

Miss Gemmell 🙂


Hello everyone, today we are continuing to look at our volume and capacity topic.  Have a look at the video linked below.

After watching the videos you could give some of the Volume games on Topmarks a go. These will help to develop your understanding.

Can you find 3 items around the house and list the volume/capacity of the items ?




If you manage this you could try the mild OR hot pages that are attached. This will look at a variety of measurements we have covered. Some of this sheet requires you to match up items, you could use your jotter to do this or if you are doing it in a word document just put the measurements next to each other.  Any issues then please let me know!


Primary 6G- PROJECT


Good Morning, for the rest of the week once all your other tasks are complete, I would like you to complete a personal project. This is completely your choice but it must be something that makes you Happy. We are all trying to keep our spirits up and I thought sharing what makes us all happy would help. Please follow the outline below.

Tuesday: Choose the topic of your personal project. Remember it must be something that makes you happy when you think about it. Once you have chosen this then you can put together a mood board.

Open up a word document and fill it with pictures that link to your chosen topic. These will come in handy later so make sure to fill the page.

Add a brief three/ four sentence paragraph explaining what your topic is and why you choose it. Maybe say why it makes you happy.

Hand this in on the assignment page by uploading the document there.

Wednesday: Compose a poem about your chosen subject.

Make sure to choose your words carefully. I’m looking for up levelled vocabulary.

Thesaurus may be required.

Try to express with your words the feeling of joy that inspired you to choose this subject.

These poems are to by uploaded to the FILES tab inside the poetry folder there. Try dragging your poem pic/ document from your desktop to the folder.

Thursday: Gather information for a presentation. I would like you to use your class notebook to store the information. Remember that you already have a whole bunch of photos from Tuesdays task.

Friday: Time to put together a PowerPoint presentation on your chosen subject.

Think about transitions, colour theory and not overloading slides. 4 to 5 key points on any given slide. 2 to 4 pictures. The poem and the mood board should help you in this editing process. This should be uploaded to the assignment page when completed.

This should hopefully help you to navigate with my help around the Teams Classroom.

All questions welcome. Use the Teams post board, chat and email to enquire about anything.

Good Luck

Miss Gemmell

Home Learning

Hello everyone 🙂

Tomorrow we will start our home learning journey. Class teachers will be posting a variety of assignments on each class page. Remember it is up to you what order you complete these activities.

There will be a mix of numeracy/mathematics, literacy, health & well-being & IDL activities set. You can also use the yellow jotter that was sent home for any work you complete.

You do not have to be on the page from 9-3:15 but you should manage your time effectively. The class teachers will be available to help you throughout the day. A quick register will be taken and you can respond with a simple ‘hi’ to show your teacher you are online today- again there is no set time for this.

We are all learning this together. Looking forward to starting our home learning journey tomorrow. Remember if you have any questions then just ask.

Miss Gemmell, Miss Altman & Mr Morrison


Primary 6G

Hi everyone 🙂

I just wanted to send a quick message out to everyone today!

All the children have been set up with their glow email and password and have been working on using teams. Please remember that this is new to us all and we only ask that you try your best. I know that everyone has different circumstances.  I will try my best to make all activities and tasks set as clear as possible.

I know this may all be overwhelming for the children and I want them to know that I am available to them during this time. I hope they know they can contact me if they are feeling overwhelmed or if they need any help with anything!

A special thank you to all the parents and families this year. You have been extremely kind to me since starting at Bishopton.  I want to let you know I will be trying my best to support your children during this time.

To all of the children in Primary 6G.  You have been an amazing class to teach this year. I am so proud of all of you and I hope you continue to work hard.  I want to thank you all for the amazing memories so far. I hope we can continue our time together very shortly.

Remember I am still here for you.

I hope to see you all soon.

Take care,

Miss Gemmell x


Primary 6G

Hi everyone 🙂

Hope you all had a good Monday!  It was great to hear all about your weekend in class today.

This weeks homework is posted below.

Rule – ology & ment 


Please remember your six sentences or you can create a paragraph using the words.

10 Pieces Dancing– Tuesday 3/3/2020

Author Visit– Tuesday 3/3/2020

Read + Munch– Thursday 5/3/2020

**Could I remind everyone to please complete the consent form for the 10 pieces show that will take place on Wednesday 25th March 2020.  This event will be at Park Mains High School, consent for this is through Parent Pay.  Any issues please get in touch as soon as possible. **

We have been looking at angles in class & completed our own angle hunt in the playground last week. We will be continuing with our work on angles & will be carrying our various tasks in class.

Maths homework will be posted tomorrow. 

Have a lovely week everyone!

Miss Gemmell

Primary 6- MATHS

Hi everyone 🙂

This weeks maths homework is listed below.

In class we have been looking at factors, multiples and prime numbers. All we ask is that you try your best 🙂

Please remember an array is a collection of objects in equal groups of equal rows. 


  1. Write down the first 5 multiples of 5.
  2. Write down the next 5 multiples of 4, starting with 16.
  3.  Create an array to show the factors of 21.
  4.  Create an array to show the factors of 14.
  5. How many factors does 16 have?
  6. Write down two factors of 11.


  1. Write down the first 7 multiples of 9.
  2. Write down the next 6 multiples of 6, starting with  24.
  3. Create an array to show the factors of 24.
  4. How many arrays can you create to show all the factors of 12?
  5. How many factors does 36 have?
  6. How many factors does 18 have?

-Outdoor challenge-  ( for both mild & hot)

*Using any available outdoors materials *   examples-  sticks, stones, branches etc

Can you create an array to represent the factors of the following numbers?

  • 20
  • 7
  • 9

    Which of the following numbers is a prime number? Explain your answer.     

Using your materials create an array to show the equation   6 x 4  =  

We will be sharing our different examples in class on Friday. Have fun 🙂

Miss Gemmell, Miss Altman & Mr Morrison


Primary 6

Hi everyone 🙂

This weeks spelling is listed below. Please remember to do your look, say, cover, write & check. You can also create six sentences using your spelling words or challenge yourself and write a paragraph.

Rule – cial & tial


Please ensure that you have a reading book. Everyone must have some form of reading book that they can read at school. I will be hearing individual reading in class so please have your book ready.

Tuesday 18th Feb – 10 pieces dance. Please bring your P.E Kit.

MATHS homework will be posted shortly. This will be discussed in class tomorrow for you to complete for Friday.

Have a wonderful week,

Miss Gemmell

Primary 6G

Hi everyone 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

This weeks spelling is listed below. Please remember to do your look, say, cover, write & check. You can also create six sentences using your spelling words or challenge yourself and write a paragraph.

Rule – ious & tious



Maths Homework – As we have been learning about budgeting and being careful of our money your homework this week is to complete The Budget Game on the Moneysense website. If you have time try and play some of the other games to support your understanding of money. This link is posted below.

Budget Game –

Moneysense Website –


Read + Munch will be Thursday afternoon. Please bring a healthy snack.

Miss Gemmell