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Primary 6 Homework W/B 11.11.19

Good Morning,

This week we will be revising some of the words which we have learnt in previous weeks. Please remember to find the root and practise any shoot words. Please also double check the spelling of shoot words.

Revision – question, postmodern, centimetre, superstructure, microwave, autobiography, megaphone, construction, millionth, microscope.

Maths – Maths homework this week is SumDog as we are competing in a contest across Renfrewshire.

Miss Altman, Miss Gemmell and Mr Morrison

P6a Spelling

Good morning,

This weeks spelling words are listed below. Please remember to complete your  maths in the same jotter. Maths homework has been posted separately.

Please remember to bring your reading book every day.

Miss Altman

Rule- post & tion 

. Postpone




. Competition

. Suggestion





P6A + P6M Homework W/B 21.10.2019

Good afternoon!

This weeks spelling words are listed below.


Superstar, Superglue, Supermodel, Superimpose, Superpower, Supervise, Plane, System, Behind, Round

Maths homework this week is division and multiplication revision. Please try the hot one if you are able or even just a few from it.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Miss Altman

Mild Hot
1.    58 divided by 3 586 divided by 3
2.   32 x 7 329 x 7
3.   74 divided by 9 749 divided by 9
4.   56 x 10 568 x 100
5.   320 divided by 10 48.2 divided by 10
6.   87 x 6 87 x 30
7.   160 divided by 5 1080 divided by 5
8.   66 x 6 6886 x 4
9.   A box contains 59 sweets, I put the sweets into bags of 8. How many bags is this? Are there any left over? A box contains 5009 sweets, I put the sweets into bags of 8. How many bags is this? Are there any left over?
10.                There are 24 children in each class. There are 7 classes. How many children all together? There are 24 children in each class. There are 17 classes. How many children all together?

P6A Homework and Reminders

Good Morning,

This weeks spelling is listed below. Please complete look, say, cover, write and check and your sentences for Thursday. We will cover the root and shoot words in class.

Please remember your swimming kit on Wednesday we will be going at 10.10am and will return just before lunch. You will need a £1 for a locker which is refundable.

Auto and Mega











Thank you,

Miss Altman

P6 Homework W/B 1.10.19

Good afternoon!

I hope you had a lovely long weekend. This week is Maths Week and we will be focusing on all things mathematics. We have lots of fun challenges in class to complete and pupils have been entered into a SumDog contest to compete against pupils across Scotland.

Reminder – Swimming on Wednesday 2nd, please bring £1 for lockers.

School Photographs – P6 photographs will take place on Thursday 3rd October. Sibling pictures will also take place today.

Miss Altman

P6 Swimming

P6 Swimming lessons will take placed on the 2nd and 9th of October. In order for this session to take place we require some parent helpers. If you are available between 9am 12pm and would be willing to accompany us, could you please write a note in your child’s diary or let the office know.

Please remember all children require £1 for a locker which will be refunded.

Miss Altman, Mr Morrison & Miss Gemmell

P6 Parent Helper Request

Next week is Maths week and we will be taking part in a variety of different math activities throughout the week. On Tuesday 1st October, the class will be visiting the Co Op. If your child could bring in £1, they will have the opportunity to choose how they spend this. This will challenge the children to use a variety of strategies to calculate cost and change and will be encouraged to choose something healthy.

We are looking for 2 helpers to join us on this trip. P6a are timetabled to visit the Co Op at 10am – 10.30am. We will be leaving the classroom just after 9.50 and return for  around 10.40sm. If you are able to assist, please send a note in or inform the office.

We cannot do this trip without your support, so many thanks if you can!

Miss Altman

P6a Homework 23.09.19

Good afternoon!

This weeks spelling words are listed below. This week we are revising the rules we have learnt over the last 4 weeks. Please remember to write out your root words, shoot words and 6 sentences.

Maths homework this week is to play the probability games listed below. You may even want to play the pig game at home too.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Miss Altman











Maths Games – Probability – Vile Vendor – Bamzooki – Probability Pond – Slushy Sludger



P6A Healthy Me

Our Health and Wellbeing topic this term is Healthy Me. We will be learning how to keep healthy and fit using nutrition, exercise and sleep.

For next Tuesday 17th please could you keep a one day diary which includes your sleep, active minutes or steps and food.

Remember you only have to choose one day!

Miss Altman