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Learning Profiles

I have e-mailed the class learning profiles today. I hope you enjoy sharing some of the things your child has done in the past few months.

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If you haven’t received your child’s profile please let me know and we can provide a paper copy.

Kind Regards

Mrs McLean



P6M Homework

This week your focus is on learning your lines and song words for next week’s assembly.

We look forward to seeing how creative you can be in personalizing you mask too.

Remember we have a dress rehearsal on Monday so bring along everything you will need.

Language homework.

Spelling, sentences/paragraph and choice board activity.

w.b spelling pattern: suffix ‘ward’
1. untoward backward backward
2. northwards awkward awkward
3. straightforward straightforward exchange
4. homeward afterwards  lounge
5. onward downward revenge
6. rearward forward entrance
7. wayward inward clearance
8. skyward skyward fragrance
Common words length perhaps farm
reason bill pulled
Common words kept felt draw
interest suddenly voice

P6 Maths Homework

Your challenge this week is another chilli challenge choice. This time the focus is on weight. Remember to apply what you learned in class and look for links to the strategies you used for length.

Well done to everyone who has shown they are prepared to have a go at challenging themselves a little bit more each time.


  1. How many grams are in 1Kg?
  2. What is 25% of 1Kg?
  3. How many Kg are in 4000g?
  4. Convert 67Kg into grams.
  5. What is 3/4 of 1Kg in grams?
  6. Change 7.8Kg into grams.
  7. What is 13.5Kg in g?
  8. If I am baking cakes and I place 180g of flour, 60g of sugar and 45g of butter in my mixing bowl,  what is the total weight of the ingredients in my bowl? Can you change this to Kg?
  9. If I have 1Kg of pasta to share equally between 4 bowls, how many grams of pasta will I put in each bowl?
  10. Which of these things is heavier: a tonne of feathers or a tonne of bricks?



  1. How many kg in 17200g?
  2. Put these weights in order starting with the smallest– 3.6kg, 3540g, 3kg, 3.52Kg
  3. What is 3/4 of 600g?
  4. What is 4/10 of 2kg in g?
  5. A sack of rice weighs 2340g what is the weight in Kg?
  6. 0.7kg in g?
  7. How many kg in a metric tonne?
  8. 17kg 8g in grams?
  9. I have 138g of seeds to feed some birds. There are more than 2 birds and I want each bird to get an equal share without there being any seeds left over. What are the different numbers of birds i will be able to feed and what weight of seeds will each bird get? (1pt for each correct answer)

P6M Literacy Homework

Your challenges this week include:-

  • Spelling assignment (see below for chilli-challenge word choice)
  • Spelling choice board activity.
  • Write 3/6 sentences or a paragraph using your spelling words. This week your challenge is to use the next skill level of  your VCOP pyramid and to try to include colons in your writing.
  • Reading- Accelerated reader. Whilst you are reading, see if you can you find an example of when the writer has used a colon.
w.b spelling pattern:  suffix –ment
1. engagement payment payment
2. investment amazement amazement
3. achievement government resist
4. advertisement parliament  artist
5. management ailment exist
6. commitment replacement insist
7. improvement assortment prepare
8. excitement excitement preview
Common words forest pair against
probably circle pattern
Common words legs include numeral
sat built table

Sports Day races

A few of the children were asking for a reminder about P6 race times tomorrow.

We will be making our way to the ROF field after lunchtime. The first race time is scheduled for 1:35pm.

If you are planning to come along, we are in need of a couple of parent helpers to help escort the class across the road. If you can wait in the playground it would be lovely to have you walk across with us.

We look forward to seeing you there. (Don’t forget your running shoes for the parents’ race 😀)

P6M & P6A Numeracy

This week you have two activities to complete:-

  1.  Millimetre Money   millimetre_money
  2. Draw a table in which to record measurements (To the nearest miilimetre) of other family members’ hand span, hand width, hand length and their height. (Best ask their permission first rather than sneak up on them when they are asleep 🙂 )

P6M Literacy Homework

Your challenges this week include:-

  • Spelling assignment (see below for word choice)
  • Spelling choice board activity.
  • Write 3/6 sentences or a paragraph using your spelling words. This week your challenge is to use your VCOP pyramid to try to include a variety of punctuation in your writing.
  • Reading- Accelerated reader.
w.b spelling pattern: i/graph                                   ary / ory
1. gnocchi alibi emoji
2. graffiti graffiti ski
3. origami spaghetti diary
4. paparazzi paparazzi ordinary
5. choreograph telegraph history
6. phonograph biography territory
7. seismograph geography category
8. autograph photograph photograph
Common words window six toward
difference size five
Common words distance dark step
heart ball morning

P6M Homework

As Monday and Tuesday are holidays for you next week, your homework is simply your spelling words and sentences/paragraph for literacy and  to practice your mental maths skills though  the SUMDOG   competition for numeracy.

w.b spelling pattern: cial/tial                       il  / ery
1. financial facial facial
2. commercial crucial initial
3. special official pupil
4. superficial artificial  nostril
5. essential essential basil
6. confidential potential gallery
7. palatial initial pottery
8. torrential partial bravery
Common words blue fast
wish hold
Common words drop himself
developed several

P6M Literacy Homework

To prepare for next week’s work.


Bakari and the Balloonana – finish the book

Diamond –  up to the end of chapter 11

Others -Accelerated reading- as instructed

Spelling Agility:-

Please remember to use look, cover, write, check.

You can choose to use some of your words to write 3/6 up-levelled sentences (as instructed) or write a paragraph including at least 3 of your words. Remember to look at the V.C.O.P pyramids in your diary then challenge yourself  to use adverbs as openers (words ending in ly e.g. Luckily) in each sentence.

Can you find more words using this week’s spelling pattern? Is it possible to find and write 10 more words?

Or you can choose 1 activity from the Word Study choice Board in your jotter.

Below are your words for this week.

Thank You.   Mrs McLean.

w.b spelling pattern: ious/tious                        ending – el
1. previous previous previous
2. obvious obvious cautious
3. curious curious vowel
4. furious furious  camel
5. ambitious ambitious marvel
6. vicious vicious tunnel
7. infectious infectious travel
8. nutritious nutritious cancel
Common words rain noun wind
exercise power rock
Common words eggs cannot space
train able covered

P6M Numeracy Homework

We are revisiting fractions, so this week your challenge is to practise your skills for simplifying fractions.

You have been given a star challenge.

East – 1 star column.

North & West – 2 star column

South – 2 or 3  star column

Want to master the skill?  Challenge yourself to try some of the next column or create some fractions of your own to simplify.

Remember, to help you understand fractions, use counters or ask permission to use pasta pieces, dried peas or some other small objects which you can arrange into groups.

(Number of groups = the denominator number)

Answers on the sheet please.

Question Simplify fractions