The Inspired By Story!

story writing checklist


You are so lucky!


I am so excited for this task as I know just how good a group of Primary 6 writers that we are blessed with.

I’m taking the shackles off. I’m only going to give you one instruction.


  1. Write from something that you know!

What I mean by this is think of the stories that you have grown up with. We are lucky to be surrounded by quality literature in Bishopton Primary School. Take elements of a story that you love and see if you can create a new tale.

It could be the missing pages from the Diary of a Wimpy Kids, or forgotten tales from Hogswarts, or even Olaf vs Summer (aka Not So Frozen!).


Now this can be typed or handwritten. We only ask that you remember all of those previous writing lessons.

Can I see paragraphs, hyperbole, metaphors, alliteration, personification, correct punctuation… don’t waste an opportunity to add exuberant, vibrant vocabulary.


Really enjoy the process of creating something.


A very jealous,


Mr M


p.s your teachers are on hand to support your creations so run those ideas past us and ask if you need reminding of anything.