Personal Project

Due March 27, 2020 11:59 PM


Good morning class,


We have been faced with a challenge like no other. I feel that we have been preparing for this and I am confident in each and every one of you. We have to create an entirely new classroom in a largely virtual space and with this in mind I am going to give you a series of linked tasks that will allow you to get used to this new space.


We found that you are more excited by a project if you have some level of choice, so I am giving you only one directive on choosing the topic of your project. This must be on something that makes you happy. Share with the class something that brings you joy in the hope that your enthusiasm and hard work will let someone else appreciate it.


I would ask that, where possible, you stick to the timeline I am giving you and strive to get the most you can out of each part of the process.


Monday: Choose the topic of your personal project. Remember it must be something that makes you happy when you think about it. Once you have chosen this then you can put together a mood board.

Open up a word document and fill it with pictures that link to your chosen topic. These will come in handy later so make sure to fill the page.

Add a brief three/ four sentence paragraph explaining what your topic is and why you choose it. Maybe say why it makes you happy.

Hand this in on the assignment page by uploading the document there.


Tuesday: Compose a poem about your chosen subject.

Make sure to choose your words carefully. I’m looking for up levelled vocabulary.

Thesaurus may be required.

Try to express with your words the feeling of joy that inspired you to choose this subject.

These poems are to by uploaded to the FILES tab inside the poetry folder there. Try dragging your poem pic/ document from your desktop to the folder.


Wednesday: Gather information for a presentation. I would like you to use your class notebook to store the information. Remember that you already have a whole bunch of photos from Mondays task.


Thursday & Friday: Time to put together a powerpoint presentation on your chosen subject.

Think about transitions, colour theory and not overloading slides. 4 to 5 key points on any given slide. 2 to 4 pictures. The poem and the mood board should help you in this editing process. This should be uploaded to the assignment page when completed.


This should hopefully help you to navigate with my help around the Teams Classroom.


All questions welcome. Use the Teams post board, chat and email to enquire about anything.


On you go,


Mr M