Primary 6- MATHS

Hi everyone 🙂

This weeks maths homework is listed below.

In class we have been looking at factors, multiples and prime numbers. All we ask is that you try your best 🙂

Please remember an array is a collection of objects in equal groups of equal rows. 


  1. Write down the first 5 multiples of 5.
  2. Write down the next 5 multiples of 4, starting with 16.
  3.  Create an array to show the factors of 21.
  4.  Create an array to show the factors of 14.
  5. How many factors does 16 have?
  6. Write down two factors of 11.


  1. Write down the first 7 multiples of 9.
  2. Write down the next 6 multiples of 6, starting with  24.
  3. Create an array to show the factors of 24.
  4. How many arrays can you create to show all the factors of 12?
  5. How many factors does 36 have?
  6. How many factors does 18 have?

-Outdoor challenge-  ( for both mild & hot)

*Using any available outdoors materials *   examples-  sticks, stones, branches etc

Can you create an array to represent the factors of the following numbers?

  • 20
  • 7
  • 9

    Which of the following numbers is a prime number? Explain your answer.     

Using your materials create an array to show the equation   6 x 4  =  

We will be sharing our different examples in class on Friday. Have fun 🙂

Miss Gemmell, Miss Altman & Mr Morrison