P6 Homework 27.1.20

Good Afternoon,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and an easy Monday! This weeks homework is posted below. Spelling is as normal , roots and shoots and sentences. Remember to check your spelling!

ious & tious words – previous, obvious, curious, furious, ambitious, cautious, infectious and nutritious.

Common words – children, night, without and second.

Maths Homework – As we have been learning about budgeting and being careful of our money your homework this week is to complete The Budget Game on the Moneysense website. If you have time try and play some of the other games to support your understanding of money. This link is posted below.

Budget Game – https://rbs.mymoneysense.com/students/students-8-12/the-budget-game/

Moneysense Website – https://rbs.mymoneysense.com/students/students-8-12/

Have a good week!

Miss Altman