P6 Mathematics Homework 13/01/2020


This week we will be looking at word problems. Please remember your CUBES method and your bar modelling can help you to figure out what the question is asking you.


  1. Alyssa has 121 books. Sara has 120 books. How many books do they have together?


  1. There are 100 scissors in the drawer. Mary placed 130 more scissors in the drawer. How many scissors are there now in total?


  1. Mike’s secondary school played 952 football games this year. He attended 575 games. How many football games did Mike miss?


  1. Jessica picked 115 oranges and Dan picked 131 oranges from the orange tree. How many oranges were picked in total?


  1. Dan has 718 violet marbles, he gave Melanie 326 of the marbles. How many violet marbles does he now have?



  1. Mr Gifford has 282,519 photos on his camera. His sister has 632,649. How many more photos does Mr Gifford’s sister have?


  1. Samantha has 438,670 DVDs in her collection. Tara has 234,548. How many DVDs do they have together?


  1. In an endurance race, George ran 366,264m. The winner ran 406,938m. How much further was the winning distance?


  1. Sam the giant ate 481,930 people. His dad ate 620,784 people. How many more people did his dad eat?


  1. In January, 1,470,306 people visit the swimming pool. In June the number of visitors increases by 1,742,465. How many people visit in June?