P6M Literacy Homework

To prepare for next week’s work.


Novels –

Bakari and the Balloonana – next 4 chapters

Diamond –   Next 2 chapters

Others -Accelerated reading- as instructed

Spelling Agility:-

Please remember to use look, cover, write, check.

You can choose to use some of your words to write 3/6 up-levelled sentences (as instructed) or write a paragraph including at least 3 of your words. Remember to look at the V.C.O.P pyramids in your diary then challenge yourself  to different openers in each sentence.

Can you find more words using this week’s spelling pattern? Is it possible to find and write 10 more words?

Or you can choose 1 activity from the Word Study choice Board in your jotter.

Below are your words for this week.



Thank You.   Mrs McLean.

w.b 15.4.19 spelling pattern: ous                        suffix  –ically
1. igneous famous famous
2. pompous serious serious
3. hideous hideous various
4. cautious envious  basically
5. gorgeous porous magically
6. nauseous numerous comically
7. sumptuous venomous radically
8. unanimous previous critically
Common words paint object early
mind am waves
Common words love rule reached
cause among listen