P5 River Clyde Class Research Task

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Today we will be working on our first task for our River Clyde topic. To have an understanding of the size of the River Clyde you need to be aware of the different places and landmarks found on the River Clyde. It really does cover a very large area!

As always you will have a task sheet to guide you. Please follow the directions on your task sheet closely to ensure you cover all of the areas required. This is a jigsaw task which means you will be responsible for learning about certain landmarks on behalf of your group. You will become the expert!

Please see your task sheet for details of the learning outcomes and skills we are focusing on today.

Only the links below should be used during this task.

The River Clyde  –  video Watch in class

History of the Clyde  –  video  Watch in class

The Titan Crane (Finnieston)

The Titan Crane (Scotstoun)

The Titan Crane (Clydebank)

The Titan Crane (Greenock)

PS Waverley

John Brown Shipyard

Dumbarton Castle 

Dumbarton Castle 2

Erskine Bridge

Newark Castle

Newark Castle 2

Cloch Lighthouse

Google Maps: The River Clyde

P5 Greek Island Links (class task)

Use the links below to complete your Greek island research in class.  This research will be used to make a booklet on Book Creator on the Ipads.

Cyprus Facts

Facts about Cyprus

Cyprus information

Rhodes Facts

Facts about Rhodes

Corfu facts

Corfu landmarks

Corfu information

Santorini information

Facts about Santorini

Crete facts

Facts about Crete

Crete information

Kos facts

Top 10 facts about Kos

Kos facts

Greece Comparison Task

Learning Outcome

I can compare Scotland and Greece using comparisons of geographical features, languages spoken, foods eaten, weather and climate.


By comparing my local area with a contrasting area outwith Britain, I can investigate the main features of weather and climate, discussing the impact on living things.    (SOC 2-12a)

Skills for Learning

Application: I can select specific information from a website and display this correctly on a comparison poster, showing my understanding of similarities and differences between the countries of Greece and Scotland.

 Skill for Work

Self-direction: I can remain on task and work collaboratively with my group members to complete a task in an allocated time.

This task requires you to research using links on our class blog. In your jotter, you should take notes under each heading for Scotland and Greece.  At the end of this task you should both have information about each of the headings:

  • Climate
  • Weather
  • Geography
  • Food
  • Languages spoken
  • You have one hour to complete this aspect of the task.



Greece facts

Greek Food

Scotland facts

Facts about Scotland

Scottish Food


P5 – Greece – Mapping Task

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This week we will be using our skills in mapping to identify and locate the main cities, important areas of interest, relevant rivers, oceans and the bordering countries of Greece.

Our learning outcome for this task is:  I can successfully use a map to locate specific places and show these on a blank map.

To extend my mental map and sense of place, I can interpret information from different types of maps and am beginning to locate key features within Scotland, UK, Europe or the wider world.SOC 2-14a

The skills we are focusing on today are:

Skills for Learning:Application: I can select specific information from a map and display this correctly on a blank map, showing my understanding of countries within the wider world.

Skill for WorkSelf-direction: I can remain on task and work collaboratively with my group members to complete a task in an allocated time.

Use the links below, and a class atlas, to find the required locations within Greece. Please read your task sheet carefully, and work closely with your group members, to  ensure you locate as many of these places as possible within the allocated time.

Google Maps



You have ONE HOUR to complete your research.

Greece Research Class Task

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Your first task for our Greece topic involves you researching a number of different areas about the country. In your topic jotters you will take detailed notes with relevant headings to separate your information. This information will then be used for both your Home Team Challenge and your Fact File task so please ensure your notes are as detailed and as accurate as possible. Please read your task sheet carefully.

Please access the links below to find the required information. ALL links should be looked at to allow you to gain as much information relating to Greece as possible. You have 1 HOUR to complete your research so please use your time wisely. Only the links below should be accessed. 

Population of Greece

All About Greece

Greek Flag

Coat of Arms

National Anthem

National Animal

Animals and Plants

Tourist Attractions

Greece – Facts for Kids

Greece – Fun Facts

Greece for Kids

Landscape and Nature

People and Culture

P5R wk beg 9.9.19

Good evening, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Homework and news as follows:


Spelling  – This week our spelling sound is ve sounding like v as in involve and solve.    Pupils should complete the activities detailed in their homework jotter.   The children should continue to extend their sentences using connectives and accurate punctuation.

Maths – This week the children should consolidate their timestables knowledge.  In their jotteres they should copy out their 2,3,4,5 and 10 timestables.  They can also play the hit the button game to practise these.  Here is the link to the game:

Hit the button

Reading – Reading books are due in on Tuesday 10th September.  New books will be issued this day and will be due back on the 17th September.

Accelerated reading books have been issued and will be kept in class for individual reading time.    The children will complete a comprehension quiz on these as and when they are completed.  Their starting level is detailed in the front cover of their homework diary.


Thank you for sending in junk for our modelling task.  We are aiming to make our models on Friday of this week so there is still time to send in some bits and bobs.  The pupils will be planning their models tomorrow afternoon and will make them on Friday.

Have a great week and thank you for all of your support.

Mrs Fulton

Titanic – Passengers on board

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There were approximately 2400 passengers on the Titanic when she made her maiden voyage. As you know there were first, second and third class passengers on board. Now it is time for you to find out more about them.

Each group member has been given the name of a passenger who was on board when the Titanic embarked on her maiden voyage. Using the relevant links below, you are required to research information about your passenger. Only these links should be used. You should include:

Date of birth
Age when travelling
Did they survive
Any other relevant and interesting information

You have 1 hour this part of your task

First Class

Second Class

Third Class

Titanic Facts Class task

This is a group task. Please remember that by the end of the afternoon ALL group members should have ALL of the required information recorded in their jotters.

Part 1 In pairs, group members are required to research information about the Titanic. Your information should include:

  • Which company owned the Titanic
  • Where the Titanic was built and by which company, how long did it take from start to finish.
  • Statistics for the Titanic e.g. weight, height, length, number of lifeboats etc
  • Where and when her maiden voyage began
  • Information about the crew
  • Passenger facts: details about the different classes
  • When she sank
  • Any other fascinating facts you can find

You should also complete a sketch of the Titanic in your jotter.

Part 2: Using your research you should create a detailed and colourful poster. Please remember your poster should include facts – it is not just about the illustrations. BE CREATIVE!

You have I hour and 35 minutes  to complete the task. Use your time wisely! Only the links below should be used.

Titanic Facts for Kids

Fascinating Facts

Cool Facts for Kids

Primary Facts: The Titanic