P5R and P5A STEM projects

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Today we were learning about COP26.  We then created our own 3D Glasgow Landmarks.  The children worked so well and used many skills including team work, sharing resources well, resilience when things went wrong and adapting and changes our designs when needed.  We created the Glasgow Hydro, the Armadillo, the Squinty Bridge and the Finnieston Crane.  They were all fantastic!

P5 Daily Tasks – Friday 22nd January

Learning Activities – Friday 22nd January

Here are your tasks for today:  

  • Literacy 
  • Spelling – Complete the spelling activities from this week’s spelling assignment and hand in your workYou can use the link at the top of the Teams feed to play games using your words on Spelling City (make sure you find the correct week!). 
  • Writing – Today you can finish your Writing Process assignment from Thursday 21st January.
  • Maths 
  • Mental Calculations Challenge
  • Fractions – Fractions Problem Solving – see assignment. 
  • PE – Joe Wicks PE session at 9am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday – click the weblink here to join in. On a Tuesday and Thursday try some Cosmic YogaJust Dance or any other exercise of your choice to get your heart rate up and your body moving! 
  • Health & Wellbeing 
  • Pupil of the Day – find the Pupil of the Day post for today and leave a compliment for your classmate. 
  • Life Skills – attached to this post is a copy of a Life Skills Challenge Grid. Have a look at the grid and pick a couple of things you can work on today to help around the house. Ask your grown-ups if there is something you could learn to do and be responsible for to help out. Post a picture of you learning your task on this post. 

Please remember to check-in on the register post to let your teacher know you are here before starting work. Remember to have breaks like you would at school, there is no rush to get through the work. Your teachers will also be taking a break and lunch like in school and will be around from 9 – 3.15. 




P5R Converting 12 hour times to 24 hour times

12 Hour Time 24 Hour Time
12.00 AM 00:00
01.00 AM 01:00
02.00 AM 02:00
03.00 AM 03:00
04.00 AM 04:00
05.00 AM 05:00
06.00 AM 06:00
07.00 AM 07:00
08.00 AM 08:00
09.00 AM 09:00
10.00 AM 10:00
11.00 AM 11:00
12.00 PM 12:00
01.00 PM 13:00
02.00 PM 14:00
03.00 PM 15:00
04.00 PM 16:00
05.00 PM 17:00
06.00 PM 18:00
07.00 PM 19:00
08.00 PM 20:00
09.00 PM 21:00
10.00 PM 22:00
11.00 PM 23:00