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P5S – Stirling Castle Trip

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On Thursday we had our trip to Stirling Castle. I was very pleased to see that some of you were able to point out important landmarks from The Battle of Stirling Bridge. Well done!

We were very lucky that the sun was shining for us for the majority of our time there. Lots of fun was had as we investigated pretty much every area in, and outside, the castle. Exhibitions were visited, games were played, actors told us about different areas within the Great Hall/Palace and we managed to get out of the vaults without having to lock any of you up! What a busy day!

I hope you have told someone at home all about our trip and any new information you may have learned.

A huge thank you to our parent helpers who came with us. It was greatly appreciated. Between us, many, many photographs were taken. Have a wee nosey!


P5S – The Battle of Stirling Bridge

During our topic lesson today we were learning about the Battle of Stirling Bridge. We learned when and where it took place, the people involved, the layout of the battlefield and the final outcome. Please tell someone at home some of the interesting information we discussed.

Your task this afternoon had three parts to it and they are starting to take shape nicely. Remember you have tomorrow’s topic session to ensure they are completed to a high standard and ready for your wall space.

Before leaving class today you completed an exit pass where you had to share a piece of information you learned today. Have a look below. Can you find your “pass”?



P5 – Scottish Wars of Independence – Personal Project

As part of our topic you have the opportunity to show your knowledge and understanding of the Scottish Wars of Independence by presenting a personal project to your peers.

This is a long-term project which should be completed at home over the next 4 weeks. If you require any resources which we can source in school, please ask. Your completed project should be brought to school on Monday 2nd October as you will be presenting your information on this day.

Please find below the task sheet with all of the required details. A paper copy will also be issued in class for those of you who are unable to access our blog on a regular basis.

Learning Outcome

I can create a detailed presentation on and area of The Scottish Wars of Independence that is of interest to me. I can investigate a Scottish historical theme to discover how past events or the actions of individuals, or groups, have shaped Scottish society.

SOC 2-03a




Skill for Learning

Application & Knowledge: I can apply my knowledge of The Scottish Wars of Independence to plan and produce an interesting and creative presentation.

Skill for Work

Organisation:  I can organise my time and resources independently to ensure my project is completed in the allocated time.



In class we have been learning about a variety of aspects relating to The Scottish Wars of Independence. Now it is your turn to become independent historical researchers! You are being asked to find out about an area of the Wars that is of particular interest to you and share your findings with your peers.



What you need to know: You are free to complete your personal project in any way you wish. You can pick something very specific (clans, weapons, a particular key figure or battle) or something a bit more general (Scottish heritage). If you wish, you may even choose an area we have not covered in class.

What you need to do: You can present your project in any way you choose. This might be in written form, a PowerPoint presentation, a booklet, a video or even a model. In other words, you have the choice to choose the way you feel will best help you to demonstrate your knowledge of your chosen topic. This project is all homework based therefore you need to think about the resources you will have access to: books, library, internet, etc.

What you need to think about: You can use whatever you need to describe your personal project: photographs, videos, props etc. Try to think about why you picked this area for your project. What was it that interested you about it? Remember some people in class may know nothing about the area you have chosen to discuss, so you must explain it in detail.

How to get started: Get all of your ideas down on paper and then decide which ones are the most relevant and will best engage your audience.


Product Criteria

•  You are free to present your researched topic in any way you choose. However, try to think outside of the box a little. In other words, be creative!

•  You have 4 weeks to pull your project together so use your time wisely. You should be prepared to bring your completed project to school on Monday 2nd October.

•  This is an independent research project. It is your responsibility to organise your time effectively and ensure you are putting in enough effort.

•  Everyone will approach this task in different ways so don’t worry if your friends are doing something different from you. Have faith in your project and what you have to say and it will all work out. This is your chance to show just how well you can take responsibility for your own learning.

P5S – Check out our wall spaces ……

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We have been working extremely hard during our topic tasks and have been learning lots about the Scottish Wars of Independence. Each clan is responsible for their own wall space which is used to display their work. Today we finished off a few tasks to ensure our wall spaces were up-to-date with our work. As you can see, we have been very busy!

Please show your wall space to someone at home and talk them through each of the items on display. I am sure they will be amazed at what you have learned so far.

P5 – Scottish Wars of Independence – Mapping Task

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This week we will be using our skills in mapping to locate the countries, cities and towns visited (or attacked) during the Scottish Wars of Independence.

Our learning outcome for this task is:  I can successfully use a map to locate specific places and show these on a blank map.

To extend my mental map and sense of place, I can interpret information from different types of maps and am beginning to locate key features within Scotland, UK, Europe or the wider world.SOC 2-14a

The skills we are focusing on today are:

Skills for Learning:Application: I can select specific information from a map and display this correctly on a blank map, showing my understanding of a historical event. 

Skill for WorkSelf-direction: I can remain on task and work collaboratively with my clan members to complete a task in an allocated time.

Using the links below, and a class atlas, you should locate the important places associated with the Wars of Independence. Please read your task sheet carefully, and work closely with your clan members, to  decide on the places you should include in your map.

Google Maps

United Kingdom Map   (click on map to enlarge)

You have ONE HOUR on the laptops to complete your research. You will also have ONE HOUR to complete the second part of the task. Please use your time wisely.

Mrs O’Neill and MrDonaldson

P5S – The Scottish Wars of Independence – Timeline

We have been very busy in class and our topic tasks are well underway. This week we have been working on creating fact files on the key figures involved in the Scottish Wars of Independence. We have been learning all about the likes of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Please tell someone at home the other people we have been researching and why they were important during the wars.

We have also been working on creating a timeline of all of the important events which took place during this time. Can you remember any of them? Please impress someone at home with what you have learned so far.

Here are a few photos of the groups hard at work on their timelines. Photos of the completed fact files and timelines will follow early next week.