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Titanic – The Titanic’s Maiden Journey

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Today’s task will involve you finding the journey taken by the Titanic on its maiden voyage.

Part 1For this task you should access the links below. You may also use the class atlases.

Each group member should use the links to find the information required to complete their blank map of the Titanic’s journey. You should identify the main locations linked to the following:

  • her construction
  • maiden voyage 
  • sinking
  • rescue of the survivors.

This information should then be transferred to your larger group map.

Southern Ireland

New York

Northern Ireland






P5S – Meet our Titanic Families

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This week we started our Titanic topic with our Home Team Challenge. With your new group you had to create a banner and include information you researched relating to family life during the early 20th century. You were given a list of names of families who were on board the Titanic during it’s maiden voyage and had to choose one for your group name. We had some very interesting choices made.

Meet our Titanic families.

The Newell Family


The McMaster Family


The Appleton Family


The Blackwell Family


The Goodman Family


The Franklin Family


The Oxenham Family


Titanic – Titanic Facts – Thursday 18th April Class task

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This is a group task. Please remember that by the end of the afternoon ALL group members should have ALL of the required information recorded in their jotters.

Part 1 In pairs, group members are required to research information about the Titanic. Your information should include:

  • Which company owned the Titanic
  • Where the Titanic was built and by which company, how long did it take from start to finish.
  • Statistics for the Titanic e.g. weight, height, length, number of lifeboats etc
  • Where and when her maiden voyage began
  • Information about the crew
  • Passenger facts: details about the different classes
  • When she sank
  • Any other fascinating facts you can find

You should also complete a sketch of the Titanic in your jotter.

Part 2: Using your research you should create a detailed and colourful poster. Please remember your poster should include facts – it is not just about the illustrations. BE CREATIVE!

You have I hour and 35 minutes  to complete the task. Use your time wisely! Only the links below should be used.

Titanic Facts for Kids

Fascinating Facts

Cool Facts for Kids

Primary Facts: The Titanic

P5S – Our Scottish Parliament Debate

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Yesterday we turned our class into our very own debating chamber. As part of our Scottish Parliament topic we put forward a motion which we had previously researched to find relevant and interesting information to use in our debate. Each person in the class was allocated a party to be on: For or Against, and used their research to form the basis of their debate.

What fun we had! Our Presiding Officer was fabulous in role and I think we may have a few future MSPs on our hands. I was delighted at just how enthusiastic you all were about putting your point across – even if it wasn’t actually your own beliefs on the motion being put forward.

Well done P5S – what a great afternoon!


P5S – Scottish Parliament

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As part of our Scottish Parliament topic we looked at the carving on the Canongate Wall of the parliament building in Edinburgh. The design was created by architect, Enric Miralles, and is  a carving of the Edinburgh skyline. Can you remember what the design is made from?

In class we made our own viewfinders and some of us created our own pencil sketching of a view from the classroom/corridor window. Others used a view of the Edinburgh skyline, just like Enric Miralles. Here are a few photos of us hard at work. Photos of our completed designs will follow soon once they are displayed on the wall. I think you will be very impressed.

P5 – Robert Burns Research Task

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Learning Outcome: I can apply my knowledge and understanding of the history and traditions of Robert Burns to create a detailed and informative poster.

I can use primary and secondary sources selectively to research events in the past. SOC 2-01a

I can interpret historical evidence from a range of periods to help to build a picture of Scotland’s heritage and my sense of chronology. SOC 2-02a

Skills for Learning:  Analysis: I can identify relevant and important facts about an important Scottish figure.

Social Skill:  Communication: I can communicate with my group members appropriately to share my research notes.

As part of our mini Scotland topic we will be researching the life of Robert Burns. In your groups you should decide who will be researching which aspect of Burns’ life. All notes will then be shared between group members. Please keep referring to your task sheet to ensure you are meeting the success criteria of the task.

Below you will find links to access to find the relevant information. You may also use the information books we have in class.

 The Story of Robert Burns (video)

Burns’ Poetry

Burns the Man   (access further links available)

Burns Biography

Robert Burns Facts

History of a Burns’ Supper

Burns’ Supper Running Order

P5S – Robert Burns/Scottish Poems

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As part of our mini Scotland topic you should choose a poem to learn and recite to the class. You may be the lucky person who then represents our class at our annual Burns’ Assembly on Thursday 1st February.

When presenting your poem you will be judged on the following:

  • Good, clear diction
  • Pace
  • A good understanding of the poem
  • Correct pronunciation of Scottish words
  • Good facial and vocal expression conveying the sentiment of the poem
  • Variation in pace and tone
  • A moderate amount of appropriate gesture if it comes naturally and if it enhances the poem
  • Over-dramatisation should be avoided as this distracts the audience and detracts from the flow of words

Please use the links below to see a selection of poems to choose from if you wish. As discussed, if you have another poem you wish to learn instead, please let me know. There is also a link for poems by Robert Burns if you wish to learn one of these. All poem choices should be made by Friday 12th.

 Wullie Waggletail

Street Talk

Brekin Rainbows

Fireworks aff the Castle

No. 115 Dreams

A Dug, a Dug

Sleep Well

Selection of Poems by Robert Burns  (click on the link “Poems”)

P5S – Scottish Parliament Home Team Challenge

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Today we formed our new groups using our talking chips cards. We had some interesting answers to the questions you asked one another! This afternoon you had your first challenge with your new group and I was impressed at how well you worked together. Your first task was to discuss what I would see and hear each group doing. What great examples you gave! Here are a few of your suggestions:

What will I see: working together, everyone working, focused on work, co-operation, listening to others

What will I hear: discussing ideas, kind words, good reactions, questions being asked and answered

Next you had to work collaboratively with your group members to create a group name and banner. I was delighted to hear that some of our new groups had already discussed this or had come up with suggestions to share  with their group members. Well done to those individuals! We certainly have some interesting group names this term. Meet our new groups.

Scot Squad


The Scottish Parliamints


The Brexit Breakers


The Vital Voters


Powerful Parliament Kids


Scottish National Party People


The Epic MPs



P5S – Brazil Personal Projects

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Today we completed the majority of our personal project presentations. Once again, WOW! The standards have been set really high P5S. I was truly amazed at the ideas and effort  you put into this task. The enthusiasm for this task was apparent in the variety of presentations given over the last two days. We had PowerPoints, posters, models, videos and we even had some dancing.

I was also delighted at the number of you who acted on the feedback given for last term’s presentations with regards to making eye contact with your audience. Some of you still need to work on this but others obviously practiced incredibly hard to ensure you aced it this time. Well done!

We still have a couple of presentations to see and their photographs will be added very soon. Here are some photographs of you all in action. Please show someone at home what you have all been creating. Leave a comment and let me know what they think!

P5D – Brazil Open Afternoon

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Today we had our Open Afternoon and what a great success it was! Well done to each and every one of you for giving it your all and entertaining your guests. Feedback was extremely positive with your latin dancing being a firm favourite.

Our wordsearches and quizzes in class went down a treat and we had some great answers – even if some were found via Google!

Here are some photographs from this afternoon.