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P5S – Class Debate

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Last week we held our very own debate in class and what a great debate it was! I was absolutely delighted at just how enthusiastic and involved everyone got. We may even have a few public speakers in our midst! Our Presiding Officer had a few tricky moments on her hands at times.

There were many great arguments being passed between both parties and I think there were even a few opinions changed based on the information shared.

At the end of our debate everyone had the opportunity to vote as to whether or not they were in favour of having homework in schools. Surprise, surprise (not), homework being banned in school won: 19 votes to 6!

I hope you all enjoyed the debating experience and shared it with someone at home.

P5S – Scottish Parliament Trip

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Today we headed off to the capital to visit the Scottish Parliament. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! It was great to actually see what we have been learning in real-life. I was delighted that you were able to share so much of your knowledge during our tour and the presentation.  Well done! Please share with someone at home something you saw or something new you learned today.

Another well done for the great behaviour – our Bishopton high standards were definitely on show today. Thank you again to all of our parent helpers: it is very much appreciated that you gave up your time today to help out.

P5 – Scottish Parliament: Debate Research

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Next week we will be having our very own debate in class. On Monday we voted on what the topic of our debate would be and surprisingly, both classes chose the same one. In preparation for our debate you should research your chosen topic: Should there be homework in schools?

You have chosen a side to represent: for or against. Using the links below, you should take notes (under suitable headings) that will allow you to take an active part in the debate based on the side you are  representing.

Homework: Should it be Banned?

The Telegraph: Homework should be Banned

Pros and Cons of Banning Homework

Why do we have Homework?

P5S – Meet our Political Parties

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This week we began our new IDL topic: The Scottish Parliament. In our groups we researched different aspects linked to the Scottish Parliament and used this information to create our new group names.

Meet our political parties.

Mini Sturgeons (minus one party member)


Parliament Girl Party


Mini Ministers


The House of Alba


The Parliament Peeps


Parliament Pals


The Young Scottish Decision Makers

P5 – The Scottish Parliament Timeline

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Learning Outcome: I can create a detail timeline showing how the Scottish Parliament has evolved over time.

I can investigate a Scottish historical theme to discover how past events or the actions of individuals or groups have shaped Scottish society. SOC 2-03a

I can use evidence selectively to research current social, political or economic issues. SOC 2-15a

Skill for Learning:   Knowing:  I can identify important information. I can use this information to explain events which have taken place over time.

Social Skill:   Having a role within the group:  I can take on a role to ensure my group achieve success in this task.

The Scottish Parliament has evolved over many generations: 1235 – present day. Your task today will take you through the many important dates and events that have occurred between then and now. Please use the link below to access the required information. You should follow your task sheet carefully to ensure you are completing the task correctly.

Scottish Parliament Timeline

P5S – Our Scottish Parliament Debate

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Yesterday we turned our class into our very own debating chamber. As part of our Scottish Parliament topic we put forward a motion which we had previously researched to find relevant and interesting information to use in our debate. Each person in the class was allocated a party to be on: For or Against, and used their research to form the basis of their debate.

What fun we had! Our Presiding Officer was fabulous in role and I think we may have a few future MSPs on our hands. I was delighted at just how enthusiastic you all were about putting your point across – even if it wasn’t actually your own beliefs on the motion being put forward.

Well done P5S – what a great afternoon!


P5S – Scottish Parliament

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As part of our Scottish Parliament topic we looked at the carving on the Canongate Wall of the parliament building in Edinburgh. The design was created by architect, Enric Miralles, and is  a carving of the Edinburgh skyline. Can you remember what the design is made from?

In class we made our own viewfinders and some of us created our own pencil sketching of a view from the classroom/corridor window. Others used a view of the Edinburgh skyline, just like Enric Miralles. Here are a few photos of us hard at work. Photos of our completed designs will follow soon once they are displayed on the wall. I think you will be very impressed.

P5S – Scottish Parliament Home Team Challenge

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Today we formed our new groups using our talking chips cards. We had some interesting answers to the questions you asked one another! This afternoon you had your first challenge with your new group and I was impressed at how well you worked together. Your first task was to discuss what I would see and hear each group doing. What great examples you gave! Here are a few of your suggestions:

What will I see: working together, everyone working, focused on work, co-operation, listening to others

What will I hear: discussing ideas, kind words, good reactions, questions being asked and answered

Next you had to work collaboratively with your group members to create a group name and banner. I was delighted to hear that some of our new groups had already discussed this or had come up with suggestions to share  with their group members. Well done to those individuals! We certainly have some interesting group names this term. Meet our new groups.

Scot Squad


The Scottish Parliamints


The Brexit Breakers


The Vital Voters


Powerful Parliament Kids


Scottish National Party People


The Epic MPs