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P5S – Dodgeball

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Today in P.E. we started our Dodgeball sessions and I was very impressed at just how well you played. I saw some fantastic sportsmanship happening during the game. Well done everyone!

Meet our teams – and yes, they came up with some very interesting names!

The Unstoppable Jimmy Longjohns


The Jaffa Cakes

Here are a few action shots.




P5S – Maths Week – Day 2

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Today we had another busy day of maths. This morning we linked our P.E. session with maths and took part in a number of timed exercises. How did you do? Did you manage to complete them all?

Here you are keeping fit and using maths.

Next we learned about a number of famous mathematicians and their discoveries. Can you tell someone at home something about them? Your fact files are really taking shape and I look forward to reading them.

This afternoon we learned all about Fibonacci and the sequence of numbers he invented. Can you remember how the sequence is worked out?  We also looked at Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio and how it is found in so many places. Can you remember where examples of the Golden Ratio spiral can be found? Please wow someone at home with your knowledge.

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Here are some of our spiral designs. More to follow soon.





P5S – Friday P.E.

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Just a wee reminder that you may, if you wish, wear your P.E. kit to school on a Friday. This is to allow Miss Hunter as much time in the gym hall with you as possible. If you would rather, you may still get changed in school as normal. Please remember, if you come to school in your P.E. kit, you must bring your school uniform in a separate bag.

Mrs O’Neill

P5S – Our First Day

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Good evening,

What a great first day we had in Primary 5! It went by so fast.

Please remember that we have P.E. on a Tuesday and Friday. If you haven’t already brought your kit in, please do so for Friday. Your kit should include a complete change of clothes: t-shirt, shorts/leggings, trainers and socks for any girls who may be wearing tights to school.

See you all in the morning.

Mrs O’Neill

P5S – Yoga Taster Session

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Yesterday you were introduced to the wonders of yoga. Yoga enhances physical flexibility, builds on your balance and coordination and also develops your focus and concentration. Over the next few weeks you will be learning about the different moves used in yoga in more detail. This will hopefully allow you to develop and build on all of these areas.

Here are a few photographs from our first taster session.

P5S – P.E. Friday 24th November

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Please remember to wear your outdoor P.E. kit (tracksuit trousers/joggies/leggings, long-sleeved top/hoodie, waterproof jacket) to school tomorrow (Friday). The gym hall is out of action for a few weeks so we will be heading outside weather permitting. You should bring your school uniform in your bag to change into afterwards (unless you are an Eagle as you have a non-uniform day).

P5S – Dancing like the Brazilians do!

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What a fun time we had this morning in our P.E. session! There was much hilarity as we tried to master some Latin dance moves as part of our topic. There were some tricky moves and some easy moves and even some very funny moves but you took it in your stride and gave it your all. The enthusiasm was wonderful to see despite a few moans and groans before we started! A HUGE well done P5S! I am looking forward to next week’s session already.

Here are some photographs of you practicing your moves. There are a few blurry ones due to them being “action” shots however you should still manage to make out all the smiles.


P5S – Let’s Play Dodgeball!

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Today we continued with our Dodgeball championship in P.E. The Catapults (our reigning champions) took on the Jammy Dodgers. Each team had to consider how the skills of each teammate  would be best put to use. They had a tactics team talk to discuss how they would play the game using these skills.

Our first game, despite being rather noisy, was well played with some great throwing and catching taking place. We decided our second game would be “silent” which meant the teams had to consider ways they could still communicate with their teammates without saying, or making, any noise at all. This was my favourite game of the two!

Here are a few action shots (hence the slight blurriness) of this morning’s session.