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P5S – Maths Week – Day 5

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Our final day of Maths Week was very, very busy. In the morning we had a chance to share what we had been learning with P5R. Each class were able to play the games they made for our Open Afternoon. It was great to see you explaining the games so well to one another.

Next we set up maths stations and rotated around them. We had a mixture of activities to help us with our maths calculations: bingo, word problems, chilli challenges, multiplication arrays and our favourite new game, Martinetti.

In the afternoon we had a number hunt. Due to the weather we moved our hunt inside. Did you manage to find all of the numbers and answer the questions? I was delighted at how well you all moved around the school – well done!

P5S – Maths Week – Open Afternoon

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Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Maths Week Open Afternoon. It was great to see so much enthusiasm from everyone, even if you were put to the challenge by the children on some of the activities. The children had a great time showing off their games and what they have been learning. I hope you had as much fun as we did.

P5 – Maths Week Day 4 – Rotations – Maths Relay

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This morning we had a very busy time when we rotated around the P5 and P4 teachers to take part in lots of maths activities. We had a Maths Relay,  Code Breaker, Escape Room and Sumdog challenges to work on and rumour has it, everyone had lots of fun. I certainly did!

Here are some photos of you working out your answers.

P5S – Maths Week Day 3

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Today in maths we played the Martinetti Dice game and what fun was had by everyone. It was a pleasure to see how you can have so much fun (and learning) with such a simple game. I am looking forward to seeing you play it again at our Open Afternoon tomorrow.

Well done to the bright spark in class who saw the link between the game and the Fibonacci Sequence that we were learning about yesterday.


P5S – Maths Week – Day 2

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Today we had another busy day of maths. This morning we linked our P.E. session with maths and took part in a number of timed exercises. How did you do? Did you manage to complete them all?

Here you are keeping fit and using maths.

Next we learned about a number of famous mathematicians and their discoveries. Can you tell someone at home something about them? Your fact files are really taking shape and I look forward to reading them.

This afternoon we learned all about Fibonacci and the sequence of numbers he invented. Can you remember how the sequence is worked out?  We also looked at Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio and how it is found in so many places. Can you remember where examples of the Golden Ratio spiral can be found? Please wow someone at home with your knowledge.

Image result for fibonacci

Here are some of our spiral designs. More to follow soon.





P5S – Maths Week Day 1 – Bridge Challenge

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This afternoon as part of Maths Week we worked in our groups to create our own 2D/3D version of the Erskine Bridge. First we discussed the different shapes found on the bridge and why they were important; especially the triangular shapes the cables make.

Next we planned our design on whiteboards and then used the resources provided to complete our designs.

Finally we had to complete information cards showing what we know about the Erskine Bridge. For example, did you know that the bridge was opened to the public on the 2nd July 1971? Do you remember when it was a toll bridge and drivers had to pay 60p to cross the bridge?

Here we are hard at work.

Have a look at our completed designs. How did we do?