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The River Clyde – Personal Project

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Over the next 3 weeks you should prepare a personal project presentation on the River Clyde. You will then present your project to the class the week beginning Monday 8th October.  The criteria and task sheet can be found below.

River Clyde Personal Project Presentation

Learning Outcome:  I can research a  given topic and create a detailed presentation.

I can describe the major characteristic features of Scotland’s landscape. SOC 2-07a

I can recognise how the features of spoken language can help in communication, and I can use what I learn.

I can recognise different features of my own and others’ spoken language. ENG 2-03a

Skill for Learning

Application & Knowledge: I can apply my knowledge of a given topic to plan and produce an interesting presentation.

 Skill for Work

I can organise my time and resources independently to ensure my presentation is completed in the allocated time.


To build further on your presentation skills you have to prepare a personal project to present to your peers. Presentations play a huge part in our learning and being able to present to your peers, with confidence, is a great skill to learn.


What you need to know: Your personal project should be about the River Clyde. You may choose any aspect you wish.

What you need to do: You can present your project in any way you choose. This might be in written form, a PowerPoint presentation, a booklet, a video or even a model. In other words, you have the choice to choose the way you feel will best help you to demonstrate your knowledge of your chosen topic. This project is all homework based therefore you need to think about the resources you will have access to: books, library, internet, personal accounts etc.

What you need to think about: You can use whatever you need to describe your personal project: photographs, videos, props etc. Try to think about why you picked this area for your project. What was it that interested you about it? Remember some people in class may know nothing about the area you have chosen to discuss, so you must explain it in detail.

How to get started: Get all of your ideas down on paper and then decide which ones are the most relevant and will best engage your audience. If you require any resources (paper, etc.) from school please ask.


Product Criteria

·         You have 3 weeks to pull your presentation together so use your time wisely. You will be presenting your information to the class the week beginning Monday 8th October 2018. Remember to try and present your information in a creative way.

·         This is an independent research project. It is your responsibility to organise your time effectively and ensure you are putting in enough effort.

·         Everyone will approach this task in different ways so don’t worry if your friends are doing something different from you. Have faith in what you have to say and it will all work out.

·         This is your chance to show just how well you can take responsibility for your own learning.

Happy researching!

Mrs O’Neill

P5S – Our Scottish Parliament Debate

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Yesterday we turned our class into our very own debating chamber. As part of our Scottish Parliament topic we put forward a motion which we had previously researched to find relevant and interesting information to use in our debate. Each person in the class was allocated a party to be on: For or Against, and used their research to form the basis of their debate.

What fun we had! Our Presiding Officer was fabulous in role and I think we may have a few future MSPs on our hands. I was delighted at just how enthusiastic you all were about putting your point across – even if it wasn’t actually your own beliefs on the motion being put forward.

Well done P5S – what a great afternoon!


P5S – Robert Burns/Scottish Poems

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As part of our mini Scotland topic you should choose a poem to learn and recite to the class. You may be the lucky person who then represents our class at our annual Burns’ Assembly on Thursday 1st February.

When presenting your poem you will be judged on the following:

  • Good, clear diction
  • Pace
  • A good understanding of the poem
  • Correct pronunciation of Scottish words
  • Good facial and vocal expression conveying the sentiment of the poem
  • Variation in pace and tone
  • A moderate amount of appropriate gesture if it comes naturally and if it enhances the poem
  • Over-dramatisation should be avoided as this distracts the audience and detracts from the flow of words

Please use the links below to see a selection of poems to choose from if you wish. As discussed, if you have another poem you wish to learn instead, please let me know. There is also a link for poems by Robert Burns if you wish to learn one of these. All poem choices should be made by Friday 12th.

 Wullie Waggletail

Street Talk

Brekin Rainbows

Fireworks aff the Castle

No. 115 Dreams

A Dug, a Dug

Sleep Well

Selection of Poems by Robert Burns  (click on the link “Poems”)