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P5 – PATHS Party

Yesterday we had our PATHS party to celebrate and recognise the positive impact PATHS has had in all areas within our school environment, and beyond: in class, in the playground and hopefully at home also.

During our party we had to chat to someone from the other class: someone you wouldn’t normally play with. You were also to give them a compliment. It was nice to see so many of you mixing so well and the compliments I heard being given, were just lovely. Well done Primary 5!

Here are a few photos from our party. Please excuse the blue mouths – the ice-cream van came to visit just in time for our party!

P5S – Heartstart

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This week we completed our Primary 5 Heartstart training. For this session we looked at the symptoms someone would be displaying if they were having a heart attack. I was very impressed that you were able to remember them all so well. Please tell someone at home what the symptoms are.

We also learned what to do if we ever found ourselves in a situation where someone was displaying these symptoms. Please show someone at home the position you should put the unwell person in. Can you remember what other things you should, and shouldn’t do?

Here are a few photos from our role play scenarios.

P5 – Global Play Day

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Today was National Global Play Day. You had the opportunity to bring in games and activities from home to play in class. The only criteria was no electronics – imagine!

I can honestly say, I think everyone had a pretty good day, and didn’t it fly by! A number of board games were being played and it was great seeing everyone taking turns and listening to one another. We also had  hands on arty activities taking place. Thank you to those of you who brought in these items and shared them so well with the class. We even had “pin the tail” type games that one of our very creative class members made for today. We also had jigsaws and lego being shared

We started the day playing with our friends however this afternoon many of you made the effort to play with people that you wouldn’t normally. We also mixed with P5R so you had the opportunity to play with the children in there too.

I truly hope you enjoyed today and took lots from it. The benefits from a day like today are huge. Please tell someone at home why.

P5S – Dodgeball

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Today in P.E. we started our Dodgeball sessions and I was very impressed at just how well you played. I saw some fantastic sportsmanship happening during the game. Well done everyone!

Meet our teams – and yes, they came up with some very interesting names!

The Unstoppable Jimmy Longjohns


The Jaffa Cakes

Here are a few action shots.




P5 – Cornerstone Visit

Today we popped along to the Cornerstone to have lunch with the lunch club members. We had the opportunity to show off the Scottish dances we have learned, sing a song and we even had a couple of Scottish poetry recitals.

We also shared our school life experiences. It was great to hear all the stories about what school used to be like: it was very different from what we know nowadays! Please tell someone at home some of the stories you heard today.

We had a fantastic time this afternoon – thank you to Yvonne and the lunch club for having us! The biscuits and juice went down a treat! Another thank you goes to our parent helpers for coming with us; we really appreciate your help.



P5S – Greece – Chef’s @ School

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Yesterday we were very lucky to have Marie-Claire from Chefs @ School with us. Marie-Claire showed us how to make our very own tzatziki dip and Greek salad. Many of you were delighted at just how tasty your food was! We had the opportunity to build on our grating, cutting and chopping skills. Maybe over the Christmas holidays you will be able to show someone at home how to make these dishes too. Well done everyone!


P5 – Greece – Chefs @ School

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On Monday 10th December we are very lucky to have Marie-Claire from Chefs @ School visiting us. She will be working with each class to show them how to make some authentic Greek food. In preparation for this, you should bring in an apron or over-sized t-shirt to wear during our cooking session. This is for hygiene purposes and will also keep your school uniform clean. You should bring your apron/t-shirt in by Friday and we will store them in class.

Mrs O’Neill

P5S – Maths Week – Day 2

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Today we had another busy day of maths. This morning we linked our P.E. session with maths and took part in a number of timed exercises. How did you do? Did you manage to complete them all?

Here you are keeping fit and using maths.

Next we learned about a number of famous mathematicians and their discoveries. Can you tell someone at home something about them? Your fact files are really taking shape and I look forward to reading them.

This afternoon we learned all about Fibonacci and the sequence of numbers he invented. Can you remember how the sequence is worked out?  We also looked at Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio and how it is found in so many places. Can you remember where examples of the Golden Ratio spiral can be found? Please wow someone at home with your knowledge.

Image result for fibonacci

Here are some of our spiral designs. More to follow soon.