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Greece Research Task

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Your first task for our Greece topic involves you researching a number of different areas about the country. In your topic jotters you will take detailed notes with relevant headings to separate your information. This information will then be used for both your Home Team Challenge and your Fact File task so please ensure your notes are as detailed and as accurate as possible. Please read your task sheet carefully.

Please access the links below to find the required information. ALL links should be looked at to allow you to gain as much information relating to Greece as possible. You have 1 HOUR to complete your research so please use your time wisely. Only the links below should be accessed. 

Population of Greece

All About Greece

Greek Flag

Coat of Arms

National Anthem

National Animal

Animals and Plants

Tourist Attractions

Greece – Facts for Kids

Greece – Fun Facts

Greece for Kids

Landscape and Nature

People and Culture