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P5S – Greece – Chef’s @ School

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Yesterday we were very lucky to have Marie-Claire from Chefs @ School with us. Marie-Claire showed us how to make our very own tzatziki dip and Greek salad. Many of you were delighted at just how tasty your food was! We had the opportunity to build on our grating, cutting and chopping skills. Maybe over the Christmas holidays you will be able to show someone at home how to make these dishes too. Well done everyone!


P5S – Greece – Open Afternoon

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Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Open Afternoon today. The children loved showing off everything they have been learning this term – especially their dancing! It was great to see so many people joining in with the activities and our quiz seemed to be a firm favourite. The winner will be announced in class tomorrow.

We also had quite a few budding artists in class today as there were some great examples of Greek vases being drawn. Have a nosey and see if you can spot your vase. Unfortunately some of the children were very keen to take them home so I didn’t get a photo of them all.

Here are a few photos from today.

P5 – Greece – Chefs @ School

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On Monday 10th December we are very lucky to have Marie-Claire from Chefs @ School visiting us. She will be working with each class to show them how to make some authentic Greek food. In preparation for this, you should bring in an apron or over-sized t-shirt to wear during our cooking session. This is for hygiene purposes and will also keep your school uniform clean. You should bring your apron/t-shirt in by Friday and we will store them in class.

Mrs O’Neill

P5 – Greece Open Afternoon – Monday 3rd December

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The P5 and P6/5 classes are holding an Open Afternoon to showcase their learning about Greece. This will take place on Monday 3rd December from 1.30-2.30pm. Invitations from the children will be issued early next week. A maximum of 2 adults are invited. The showcase will start off in the Gym Hall and then continue in the classrooms.

Please complete the R.S.V.P. and return it A.S.A.P.

Thanking you

Mrs O’Neill, Mrs Fulton and Mr Morrison

P5 – Greece Personal Project

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Over the next 4 weeks you should prepare a personal project presentation on Greek Gods and Goddesses. You will then present your project to the class the week beginning Monday 10th December.  The criteria and task sheet can be found below.

Greek Gods and Goddesses Personal Project Presentation

Learning Outcome:  I can research a  given topic and create a detailed presentation.

Through investigating and reflecting upon the lives and teachings of significant figures from world religions, and drawing from upon moral values as expressed in religious scriptures and other stories, I am beginning to understand how these have influenced the morality of world religions.   RME 2-05a

I can recognise how the features of spoken language can help in communication, and I can use what I learn. I can recognise different features of my own and others’ spoken language. ENG 2-03a

Skill for Learning

Application & Knowledge: I can apply my knowledge of a given topic to plan and produce an interesting presentation.

 Skill for Work

I can organise my time and resources independently to ensure my presentation is completed in the allocated time.


To build further on your presentation skills you have to prepare a personal project to present to your peers. Presentations play a huge part in our learning and being able to present to your peers, with confidence, is a great skill to learn.


What you need to know: Your personal project should be about any of the Greek Gods or Goddesses.

What you need to do: You can present your project in any way you choose. This might be in written form, a PowerPoint presentation, a booklet, a video or even a model. In other words, you have the choice to choose the way you feel will best help you to demonstrate your knowledge of your chosen topic. This project is all homework based therefore you need to think about the resources you will have access to: books, library, internet, personal accounts etc. Please try to present your project in a different format from that of term 1.

What you need to think about: You can use whatever you need to describe your personal project: pictures, videos, props etc. Try to think about why you picked this area for your project. What was it that interested you about it? Remember some people in class may know nothing about the area you have chosen to discuss, so you must explain it in detail.

How to get started: Get all of your ideas down on paper and then decide which ones are the most relevant and will best engage your audience. If you require any resources (paper, etc.) from school please ask.


Product Criteria

·         You have 4 weeks to pull your presentation together so use your time wisely. You will be presenting your information to the class the week beginning Monday 10th December 2018. Remember to try and present your information in a creative way.

·         This is an independent research project. It is your responsibility to organise your time effectively and ensure you are putting in enough effort.

·         Everyone will approach this task in different ways so don’t worry if your friends are doing something different from you. Have faith in what you have to say and it will all work out.

·         This is your chance to show just how well you can take responsibility for your own learning.

Happy researching!

Mrs O’Neill

P5 – Greece – Mapping Task

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This week we will be using our skills in mapping to identify and locate the main cities, important areas of interest, relevant rivers, oceans and the bordering countries of Greece.

Our learning outcome for this task is:  I can successfully use a map to locate specific places and show these on a blank map.

To extend my mental map and sense of place, I can interpret information from different types of maps and am beginning to locate key features within Scotland, UK, Europe or the wider world.SOC 2-14a

The skills we are focusing on today are:

Skills for Learning:Application: I can select specific information from a map and display this correctly on a blank map, showing my understanding of countries within the wider world.

Skill for WorkSelf-direction: I can remain on task and work collaboratively with my group members to complete a task in an allocated time.

Use the links below, and a class atlas, to find the required locations within Greece. Please read your task sheet carefully, and work closely with your group members, to  ensure you locate as many of these places as possible within the allocated time.

Google Maps



You have ONE HOUR to complete your research. You will also have further ONE HOUR to complete the second part of the task. Please use your time wisely.