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P5S – The Battle of Falkirk 3D Maps

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This week during our topic lessons we have been learning about the Battle of Falkirk. Can you remember any important facts relating to the battle? When did it take place? Who was involved? Who won? What new weapons were introduced during this battle? Lots of information was shared so please wow someone at home with all your knowledge.

In your groups you had to recreate a 3D version of the battlefield. Like all our group tasks, you had a higher order thinking skill (HOTS) and social skill to consider:

HOTS:  Application: I can apply my knowledge of important historical events in a different context. I can carry out a task using what I have learned.

Social Skill:  Helping each other: I can help my clan members in an appropriate way to ensure completion of a given task.

How did your group do? Did you all apply your knowledge in the making of your battlefield? Did you all help one another in an appropriate way? Here are some photographs of you working on this task.

…….. and here are your completed maps. Please show your group’s map to someone at home and explain how the battle progressed.