Sumdog Contest – Maths Week Scotland

As part of our celebrations and participation in Maths Week Scotland (11th-17th September), our P2-7 pupils have been entered into the Sumdog National Contest.

How it works

To take part, pupils simply play Sumdog’s maths games. Scores are based on accuracy and the questions are tailored to each student’s level – so everyone has a fair chance. The contest runs from 8am on Friday 8th to 8pm on Thursday 14th September. Pupils will be given time in class to play but can play at any time during this period.

Rewards for pupils

As well as improving pupils’ confidence, speed and accuracy with their number bonds and tables, as a reward for taking part, each pupil who answers 100 questions will receive an item for their Sumdog House.

Park Mains Cluster Schools

We will be competing against schools throughout the whole of Scotland but we will be focussing on beating our closest primary schools: Bargarran, Barsail, Inchinnan, Langbank and Rashielea. Our Daily Score will be posted on the Blog, so keep your eyes peeled to check our position on the Leaderboard!

Please save this link to allow your child to login to Sumdog without having to enter the school code:

Good luck and try your best!

P5S – Lost Belongings

Image result for school children clipart

We have already accumulated some unclaimed pieces of clothing in class. So far we have two navy tank tops (M&S) and a navy sweatshirt (without the school badge). I am pretty sure they belong to some of the boys however no-one is claiming them. Unfortunately they do not have any names on them. If you think you may be missing these items at home, please let me know otherwise they will be sent along to the lost property box at the school office next week.

Maths Week Scotland, 11-17 September

Dear Parent,

We have organised many fun activities to help promote numeracy and maths as part of Maths Week Scotland. A few of the main messages that Maths Week Scotland wants to promote:

  • Maths skills, understanding and confidence are important for everyone.
  • Everyone can ‘do’ maths; it’s a way of learning and thinking that we all use and can develop.
  • Maths ‘is everywhere’ and relevant to day-to-day life and work – decision making, problem solving, budgeting, planning, assessing probability and risk, and many more.
  • Being confident about and enjoying maths is about commitment and learning. It’s not ‘a gift’; it’s something we can all acquire if we want to.

Please read below to find out some of the fun activities your child will take part in:

  • Each stage will be involved in one full day of fun maths activities where they will visit different teachers to practise and learn new maths skills. This will take place on Tuesday13th September.
  • P2-7 classes have been entered into the Sumdog National competition which runs from 8am, Friday 8th to 8pm, Thursday 14th September. Your child has been issued with their Username and password. They will be playing the games during class time and they can also play the games at home. We are competing against the whole country but focussing on beating our local schools in the cluster. Check our Blog and Twitter for daily updates!
  • Your child will only have Maths and Numeracy homework during Maths Week and we would encourage you to help to promote the importance of maths and numeracy in their everyday lives. The homework will be a checklist of suggested activities where they can record what they have done. Photos and any extra evidence are encouraged!
  • We will be visiting the local Co-op and would like the pupils to buy a small item so it would be great if you could give your child some money to spend (£1 max). Adult/parent helpers will be required to accompany the classes on their visit.
  • We have fun Maths Trails available at the Main Office/Class Teacher for you to complete with your child or on their own by walking around the school grounds and on their walk home. Please ask for copy and complete with your child before or after school. Send the completed form in with your child to their class teacher.
  • Every day at 10am we will take part in RIC (Renfrewshire is Counting). The pupils will do counting activities, e.g. games, forwards and backwards counting sequences, multiples or times tables, , number patterns and sequences, relevant to their level. This should last about 10 minutes.
  • We will create Maths in Art designs. Winners form P1-3, P4-5 and P6-7 will be entered into the cluster school competition. Winners will be announced on Friday 15th September.
  • Renfrewshire Libraries have joined us in partnership to help celebrate Maths Week Scotland by planning activities that families can get involved in when visiting their local libraries. One such activity is a competition to create a new Skoob who loves Numeracy and Mathematics!
  • Please visit the websites below for more information and ideas of how to take part at home, as well as checking your child’s Blog.
  • If Tweeting about your celebration via Twitter, please use #MathsWeekScotlandRenfrewshire to get our efforts trending.

We are looking forward to sharing our passion of Maths and Numeracy with the pupils of Bishopton Primary and hope the enthusiasm spreads! If you have any questions about Maths Week Scotland, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Miss McDowall

Principal Teacher

P7S Build-a-Business – Order Form

P7S Superhero Smoothie Recipe Book

In P6, we were given a task to design a superhero themed smoothie. The colours in the smoothie had to match up with the superhero we had picked. As a class we voted for our top 3 favourite recipes and made them up for taste-testing. They were delicious! 

We have now turned our amazing recipes into a Superhero Smoothie Recipe Book. This is an electronic book (not printed) and are for sale for £1.50 for a limited time. They contain loads of different fruit, juice and yogurt recipes and are available by completing the contact form on this post.

If you would like to order our amazing smoothie e-book, please fill out the contact form to advise our management team. Please send the money to P7S in a labelled envelope (exact money only please!). It will all be added up by our finances team during our Build a Business time on a Friday and the recipe book will be emailed out to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for supporting the P7S Build-a-Business topic!

Homework – Week Beginning 4.9.17

Good evening everyone. Apologies for the delay in putting the homework up, there was an issue with Glow that stopped me getting onto the blog.

For homework this week, we have Maths and Spelling due in for Friday. Mrs Davidson has also asked you to write a drinks journal for Thursday.


Please read your feedback from last week. Make sure and write the list number as your title, along with the date. If you are drawing any straight lines, make sure and use a ruler. Word Wizards and Super Spellers please complete List 21 and Speedy Spellers List 32, with all groups also completing the common words. Please then find two words that have the same spelling rule (not just two words that sound the same). Finally, write 5 sentences using your best VCOP. Each sentence should contain 1 of your spelling words for the week.


This week we are focussing again on word problems. Please read each question carefully to ensure you know what is being asked of you and what operation you should use to solve it (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

Please include all your working and also include a sentence answer. Always use a ruler when drawing a straight line. Your date and title should be:

4.9.17 Word Problems

  1. It’s your birthday and you are having a birthday party. You invite 53 people, but 26 people say they can’t come. How many people are at your birthday party.
  2. Co-op sold 27 bags of Haribo on Monday, 35 bags on Tuesday and 18 bags on Wednesday. How many did the shop sell in total?
  3. There are 146 rabbits in the field. The farmer drives past in his tractor and 119 rabbits run into their burrows. How many rabbits are left in the field?
  4. A man bought a pack of 150 balloons. Then he bought a pack of 350 streamers and 57 banners for a party. How many decorations did he buy altogether?
  5. If John has 158 toy cars, Tom has 278 toy cars, and Greg has 227 cars. How many toy cars do they have altogether?
  6. Rosie went to the cinema to see the Emoji movie. Her ticket was £4.35. If she paid with a £10.00 note, how much change would she receive?

Challenge Question

  1. An orchard contains 225 apple trees, 119 pear trees and 282 plum trees. How many trees are in the orchard?

Unfortunately, 145 trees die in the harsh winter. How many trees does the farmer have left?

P5S – The Battle of Stirling Bridge

During our topic lesson today we were learning about the Battle of Stirling Bridge. We learned when and where it took place, the people involved, the layout of the battlefield and the final outcome. Please tell someone at home some of the interesting information we discussed.

Your task this afternoon had three parts to it and they are starting to take shape nicely. Remember you have tomorrow’s topic session to ensure they are completed to a high standard and ready for your wall space.

Before leaving class today you completed an exit pass where you had to share a piece of information you learned today. Have a look below. Can you find your “pass”?



P5 – Scottish Wars of Independence – Personal Project

As part of our topic you have the opportunity to show your knowledge and understanding of the Scottish Wars of Independence by presenting a personal project to your peers.

This is a long-term project which should be completed at home over the next 4 weeks. If you require any resources which we can source in school, please ask. Your completed project should be brought to school on Monday 2nd October as you will be presenting your information on this day.

Please find below the task sheet with all of the required details. A paper copy will also be issued in class for those of you who are unable to access our blog on a regular basis.

Learning Outcome

I can create a detailed presentation on and area of The Scottish Wars of Independence that is of interest to me. I can investigate a Scottish historical theme to discover how past events or the actions of individuals, or groups, have shaped Scottish society.

SOC 2-03a




Skill for Learning

Application & Knowledge: I can apply my knowledge of The Scottish Wars of Independence to plan and produce an interesting and creative presentation.

Skill for Work

Organisation:  I can organise my time and resources independently to ensure my project is completed in the allocated time.



In class we have been learning about a variety of aspects relating to The Scottish Wars of Independence. Now it is your turn to become independent historical researchers! You are being asked to find out about an area of the Wars that is of particular interest to you and share your findings with your peers.



What you need to know: You are free to complete your personal project in any way you wish. You can pick something very specific (clans, weapons, a particular key figure or battle) or something a bit more general (Scottish heritage). If you wish, you may even choose an area we have not covered in class.

What you need to do: You can present your project in any way you choose. This might be in written form, a PowerPoint presentation, a booklet, a video or even a model. In other words, you have the choice to choose the way you feel will best help you to demonstrate your knowledge of your chosen topic. This project is all homework based therefore you need to think about the resources you will have access to: books, library, internet, etc.

What you need to think about: You can use whatever you need to describe your personal project: photographs, videos, props etc. Try to think about why you picked this area for your project. What was it that interested you about it? Remember some people in class may know nothing about the area you have chosen to discuss, so you must explain it in detail.

How to get started: Get all of your ideas down on paper and then decide which ones are the most relevant and will best engage your audience.


Product Criteria

•  You are free to present your researched topic in any way you choose. However, try to think outside of the box a little. In other words, be creative!

•  You have 4 weeks to pull your project together so use your time wisely. You should be prepared to bring your completed project to school on Monday 2nd October.

•  This is an independent research project. It is your responsibility to organise your time effectively and ensure you are putting in enough effort.

•  Everyone will approach this task in different ways so don’t worry if your friends are doing something different from you. Have faith in your project and what you have to say and it will all work out. This is your chance to show just how well you can take responsibility for your own learning.

NEW! Stage Blogs and Site Changes!

You may have noticed some changes on our school blogs. To allow us to keep you updated with all the wonderful work happening at Bishopton Primary we have had to set up each stage with their own blog. These look just the same as before and you should be able to navigate between the main school site, and the class blogs, easily.

For example, if your child is in P5S you can click on the link down the left hand side of the main page to access the posts specific to them, or go via the Class Blogs menu at the top of the page. Both links will take you to the same place. This is where posts meant only for P5S will be located.

To view posts meant for everyone (eg. upcoming events, menu changes, school-wide news) you can select Whole School News from the list on the left hand side or from the News menu at the top of the page. These posts are also located in a section on the right hand side of all of the class blogs.

We highly recommend subscribing to your class updates (using the Subscribe to Primary… link). This will send an email every evening with all updates specific to the class and all Whole School News posts.

We hope you enjoy using the blogs and seeing what is happening in the school.

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