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P5R wk beg 27.01.20

Good afternoon.  I hope you are all having a great weekend.  Homework and news as follows:


Spelling – This week our words all have the ending – ically as in sarcastically, realistically.

Maths – This week our homework is looking at fractions.

Reading – reading books are due in on Tuesday 28th January.  Please read a little each night.  If you need 2 weeks to finish the book, let me know on Tuesday.

Poem – Those who have not recited their Scottish poem will do so on Monday afternoon.


This week the ballet is only on Monday.

Science – On Thursday we will be making our lava lamps.  Please bring in a clean 500ml plastic bottle with lid for this experiment.

Reading passports were given out last week.  This is the First Ministers reading challenge booklet.  Pupils should complete this each time they finish a book.  This can be a school book, accelerated reader book in class, a book they have read to a sibling, a book for enjoyment at home.

Have a great week and thank you as always for your continued support.

Mrs Fulton

P5R wk beg 20.01.20

Good evening, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Homework and news as follows:


Spelling – This week our sounds are a mix of silent letters.  All homework should be completed as outlined in the homework jotter.  The children should be trying to include some interesting openers and connectives in their sentences.

Maths – This week we will be looking at fractions of a number. – ie.  finding a 1/4 of 24.  The children should know the link with division and their timestables.  They should divide the 24 by the denominator  – 4.  The answer will be 6.

Reading – The books are due in on Tuesday 21st January.  As noted last week, as the books are getting longer and more complex, the children are allowed these over 2 weeks if required.

Poem – The Scottish poems will be heard on Friday 24th January in class.  Children should ensure they talk at an appropriate pace, nice and clear and pronounce all Scottish words as best as they can.  I look forward to hearing them all.  They should try and recite the poems without the paper, however they can have the poem in front of them if required as a prompt.    Any children who would like to go forward for our school poetry competition will then be sent to other classes to recite their poem.  A class winner will be chosen to represent P5R at our Scottish assembly at the beginning of February.


We had a wonderful time at the German launch on Thursday at Park Mains.  The children worked hard and their behaviour was wonderful.  Well done!  We were very proud.

This week our ballet workshops begin.  Those attending will take part on Monday and Thursday at Erskine Care home.  Please ensure  they have full School P.E kit and that hair is tied back if required.  No earrings should be worn.

As part of our science lessons looking at separating materials, the children will be making lava lamps in class.  As such we would like the children to bring in an empty small plastic bottle for this lesson.  This is needed for next Thursday (30th January) .

Have a fantastic week and thank you for all of your continued support.

Mrs Fulton

Author visit March 3rd 2020

We are very excited to announce the visit to the school of local author Lindsay Littleston.  She will be speaking to children in P5-7 about creative writing and life as an author.  Her books will be available to purchase on the day at the price of £6 each but there is absolutely no obligation to buy!  Children can bring cash on the day if they wish to buy.

She will be reading from her latest novels, The Titanic Detective Agency and Guardians of the Wild Unicorns.

It will be a fun, interactive presentation with a quiz, book reading and question and answer session.

Mrs Campbell (Literacy Champion)

P5 Park Mains visit

P5 will be attending a German activity session tomorrow (Thursday 16th January) at Park Mains High School.  The children will leave school and travel to Park Mains High School at 10:30 and will return to school at lunchtime round about 12:30.  Those pupils that are travelling on to the ballet performance should bring a packed lunch.  This will be eaten at Park Mains before travelling to the performance.  School uniform should be worn by all pupils.
Thank you.

P5 teachers

P5R wk beg 13.01.20

Good evening, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Homework and news as follows:


Spelling – This week our sound is st sounding as s as in mistletoe and whistle.  Please complete the spelling activities for Friday.

Maths – Please complete the fraction homework for Friday.

Reading – Reading is due in on Tuesday.  As the books are getting longer and more complex.  The pupils may have these books over 2 weeks if needed.

Scottish Poem – The children should have chosen a Scottish poem to learn.  This will be due on Friday 24th January.


This week we have our German launch trip.  This is on Thursday morning.  We are looking forward to taking part in all of the activities the Park Mains pupils and Modern language department have organised for us.  Please ensure you have given consent on parent pay to ensure your child can attend this trip.  Children taking part in the ballet programme will eat their packed lunches at Park Mains and then go on to Glasgow with Mrs Davidson and the parent helpers.  The remaining pupils will return back to school for lunch with Mrs Campbell and myself.  Please ensure you have given consent for the ballet trip on parent pay also if appropriate.

Have a great week and thank you for all of your continued support.

Mrs Fulton

P5 Scots’ Poems

Each year we celebrate Scotland and all things Scottish in school during the month of January.  Below is a list of poems children should choose from.  They should choose one they wish to learn and will recite to the rest of the class towards the end of the month.  A representative from each class is then chosen to deliver their poem at our Scots’ Assembly at the beginning of February.

Fireworks Aff The Castle

Up in the Morning Early

Afton Water

A Red, Red Rose

If children find another poem they would prefer to learn and it is of a similar length/difficulty, they can as us to have a look at it and see if it is suitable.

Children should have decided their poem by Friday 10th January.

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Fulton




P5 River Clyde Class Research Task

Image result for john brown's shipyard

Today we will be working on our first task for our River Clyde topic. To have an understanding of the size of the River Clyde you need to be aware of the different places and landmarks found on the River Clyde. It really does cover a very large area!

As always you will have a task sheet to guide you. Please follow the directions on your task sheet closely to ensure you cover all of the areas required. This is a jigsaw task which means you will be responsible for learning about certain landmarks on behalf of your group. You will become the expert!

Please see your task sheet for details of the learning outcomes and skills we are focusing on today.

Only the links below should be used during this task.

The River Clyde  –  video Watch in class

History of the Clyde  –  video  Watch in class

The Titan Crane (Finnieston)

The Titan Crane (Scotstoun)

The Titan Crane (Clydebank)

The Titan Crane (Greenock)

PS Waverley

John Brown Shipyard

Dumbarton Castle 

Dumbarton Castle 2

Erskine Bridge

Newark Castle

Newark Castle 2

Cloch Lighthouse

Google Maps: The River Clyde

P5R wk beg 06.01.2020

Good evening, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break.  I would like to first thank you for all of the lovely gifts and Christmas cards I received in the last week of term.  They were very kind and much appreciated.  Homework and news as follows:


Spelling – This week we have spelling homework as normal and the activities should be completed as detailed in the homework jotter.

Maths–  Please continue to practise your Timestables up to the 9 x table.

Reading – New reading books will be given out on Tuesday.  They will be due for return next Tuesday 14th January.  Accelerated reading books will be read in class.


We will be starting our mini Scotland topic tomorrow.  This topic will coincide with our school celebration of Scotland for the month of January.   We will be focusing on the importance of the River Clyde in our local area.

This week your child will have the opportunity to choose a Scottish poem to practise at home.  At the end of January each child in the class will recite their poem to the class and have the choice to be entered into the school poem recital competition.  More details to follow.

Have a great week.

Mrs Fulton