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Week beginning 21st September

Good afternoon

Homework this week is reading, spelling and a maths activity.  All of the details will be posted on Teams on Sunday evening.

Children should return their reading books to school on Thursday of next week.

Please remember that we are outside most days and children should come appropriately dressed for PE.  This includes bringing a bobble to tie back long hair.

We are not at school on Friday 25th September or Monday 28th September for the holiday weekend.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

P5 teachers

P5 Homework wk beg 14.9.20

Good evening, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Homework and news as follows:

The children have been working so hard with their homework and are completing tasks well.   Our hope is that children will continue to use Teams to hand in this homework.  The jotter can be used and handed in on a Friday if the children have limited access to Teams at home.

This week our spelling sound is ve saying v.  As in solve and resolve.  We have 8 words with these sounds and then 4 common words.  These words will be written in their green spelling homework jotter which they will bring home on a Monday.

Our expectation is that the children will complete the following tasks by Friday.

Monday – write/ type the words out twice

Tuesday – Choose 2 words and write a rhyming word for each.  Choose 2 words and write a shoot word for each.

Wednesday – Choose 5 words and write a sentence for each.

Thursday – Revise your words for the spelling quiz on Friday.

These tasks are set up as an assignment on Teams too.  The children can return their work to their class teacher by the Friday of each week through Teams.  They can use their jotter and photograph their work or type their work and attach it on Teams.  As noted earlier, if there is limited access to the internet, the children can return their green jotter for marking on the Friday in class.

This week the children also have Maths place value homework.  They can choose their level of work by picking which chilli challenge they complete.  3 chilli is the the most challenging task.  The children only need to complete one task.  This can be completed and uploaded to teams or handed in on Friday if you have limited access to Teams.

The children all now have a school reading book.  The children should try and read a little each night.

Have a great week and thank you for all of your continued support.

P5 Teachers

P5M Reading Books

The children have now all been issued with their reading book.  They should keep this until Thursday 17th September, this will allow us to quarantine the book over the weekend in order that they can be reissued on Monday 21st September.

During this time, the children should read their book each night.  If they have a shorter book, they should read it more than once.

Please keep the  book in your child’s schoolbag overnight as we will be using it for tasks in school.

Happy reading!

P5 week beginning 07.09.20

Good evening!
Hopefully everyone has had a nice weekend and is ready and raring to go with another week of learning.

Maths homework this week is again to find numbers in the children’s environment and have a go at rounding them to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 (if possible).

Spelling this week is ‘se’ for the ‘s’ sound, words will be posted on the blog and on teams once they have been introduced to the children.

Assignments have been posted on Teams where the children can attach their completed work.

All children will have reading books by the end of the week this week.

We will keep you updated with anything else that comes up this week.

P5 Week beginning 31/8/20

Good afternoon

We are so delighted at how well all of the children have settled back into school.  The homework for this week is as follows

Spelling-all of the instructions are on Teams.  The sound this week is nch.

Maths-again, all instructions are on Teams.  The children have to look for numbers of four digits or more in the environment.

Reading books will be sent home over the next couple of weeks.

We look forward to another great week.

P5 teachers