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Week beginning 18th November

Homework-spelling: our rule this week is or as in workman.  Please ensure you do all of your tasks in your jotter.

Reading-this is the second week of your book. Please bring it to school every day as we will be using it in class.

Maths-complete the multiplication word problems in your jotter  showing workings.  This is due in on Monday 25th November.  Also continue to consolidate your times tables as they are crucial in helping with our current learning.

Topic-this is the second week of your 4 weeks to do your topic project. Any problems just ask!

We are still collecting clear glass jars and we would also be grateful if you could bring in any empty  washed yoghurt tubs or similar.

Mrs Campbell



Week beginning November 11th

Good afternoon

Our homework this week is as follows:

Maths-Sumdog competition if you can access the internet and learning all of your times tables.

Reading-a new reading book has been issued which children will have for 2 weeks.

Spelling-our sound is a quiet er as in exaggerate and Caterpillar

Topic-there is a link to the homework task on the P5 blog.  All children have until December 9th to complete this.

Thanks for the glass jars-please continue to send them in.

Kind regards

Mrs Campbell

Upcoming events

Good afternoon

We will be holding our Greek Open Afternoon on December 5th in the school gym hall and classrooms.  We hope you can join us and ask that 1 adult only attends per child.  We will send more details nearer the time.

On November 29th it is our annual House Art Day.  Children will be making crafts to sell at the school Christmas Fayre on Saturday December 7th.  Could children bring in a clean, glass jar before then to make their craft?  The jars do not need to have a lid.

As always, any questions please ask.

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Fulton

Week beginning November 4th

Good Evening

Hope you have had a lovely weekend.  Homework is as follows:

SPELLING- our sound is or as in spectator.  Please complete the tasks in the front of your jotter.

MATHS- complete the multiplication sums in your jotter. It is really important to keep practising your times tables.

READING-  you will receive a new reading book this week and have it for a fortnight.  Remember to do the Three Sharings.

We will be having an Open Afternoon in December for our Greek Topic-more information to follow.

As always, any questions please ask.

Mrs Campbell


Week beginning 28th October

Good evening

Hope you had a great weekend.  Homework this week is as follows:

Spelling-our sound this week is ar as in particular.  Please continue to do the activities in the front of your spelling jotter.

Reading-this is week 2 of your reading book.  Continue to try to read a little bit each night and think about the 3 sharings.

Maths-complete the multiplication sums in your homework jotter.  Continue to play Hit The Button and Sumdog when you can.

Please remember that pupils have until Friday to hand in homework.

We made a great start to our Greece topic.  If you have any Greek souvenirs or books for our display table, it would be great if pupils could bring them in to share with the class.  Please name anything brought in.

As always, any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or pop a note in the diary.

Mrs Campbell

Week beginning 2nd September


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  Homework for this week is as follows:

Spelling-please complete all of the activities and hand in on Friday.

Reading-Children will be give a new reading book tomorrow.  It would be great if you could hear your child read part of their book to you at least once a week.  You can then both use the Three Sharings to discuss the story.  What did you like about the story? What did you not like about the story? Did you have any puzzles or connections with the story?  Books will be changed on Friday of this week.

Maths -complete the task given to you on Tuesday this week and hand in on Friday please.

Topic-as part of our topic work, we will be trying to recreate the battlefield of the Battle of Falkirk using junk modelling materials.  If you have any flat cardboard boxes, including cereal boxes, yoghurt tubs and anything else you think could help make a battlefield, please bring them into class this week.

Masterclass-please remember that if you have chosen fitness this week, you must have full PE kit with you on Wednesday.

See you all tomorrow!

Mrs Campbell


Tomorrow sees the first week of our 4 week Masterclass rotation.  The children have chosen the following activities-cake decorating, how to draw and fitness.  They will all have a chance to participate in all 3 activities and in week 4 they will have free choice.  If your child has an apron could they please bring it in when it is their turn to decorate cakes? If they don’t have one, don’t worry.  When they take part in fitness they must have PE kit and ensure all rules with regards jewellery are adhered to.

We are really looking forward to trying something new!

Mrs Campbell, Mrs Mackenzie and Mrs Hughes

P5C w/b 26/8/19

Good evening,

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Homework this week is as follows:

Spelling- we will be learning the sound nch, as in lunch or brunch.  Children will have a note in their spelling jotter of the task to do each night.  These will be issued on Monday and the homework should be handed in on Friday.  This allows you to decide which night suits best to do the activities depending on after school commitments.

Maths-this will be issued on Tuesday, again due in on Friday.  It will be reinforcing work we have been doing in class on place value.

Please remember to name any items your child brings to school.  We have already had a lost pair of shoes and a couple of cardigans with no names.

Our topic this term is the Scottish Wars of Independence.  We have already designed Clan shields and found out about key figures.  We will have a trip to Stirling Castle this term-more details to follow!

As always, if you have any questions please ask or put a note in your child’s homework diary.

Mrs Campbell

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone and welcome to Primary 5!  It was lovely to catch up with the children over the last couple of days.  A homework letter will be issued towards the end of next week but I thought a few wee notes before then might be helpful.

Our PE days this year will be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Please ensure children bring PE kit on all of these days and that everything is clearly labelled.  Earrings should be taken out or covered with tape which children should bring from home.  There are scissors in the class to cut the tape.  Tape should not be shared due to potential allergies.

Children can bring a bottle filled with water to drink during the day- no juice or flavoured water please as this is very sticky if spilled!

Reading books will be issued in due course. All of the children have chosen a book from the class library to read in school.

Homework diaries have been issued and I would ask that you check this daily and sign please.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.  I look forward to working with you and your children in the coming year.

Mrs Campbell