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This week

Good afternoon

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a continued thank you to you and your children.  They have working so hard every day and I thank you for supporting them to do this.  They all seem to have got into really good routines and are so independent!  As always, please email me if you are having any issues you wish to talk about.  I fully understand the pressures just now with homeworking, learning, looking after elderly and shielding relatives along with day to day necessities!

Each day I post assignments/tasks for the children to try to complete.  If they can’t get them all done then please do not worry.  The last thing I want is added pressure and it is not expected they sit at a screen for prolonged lengths of time.  Tasks can carry on to the next day or few days.  Again, if you feel your child is struggling, drop me a wee email.

On Friday we will be having a Teams Meeting at 1.30pm.  This will lead into a Kahoot online fun quiz which the children can take part in if they are free.  We will keep the teams meeting running alongside.  The children should google Kahoot and I will post them a pin code on our team page on Friday morning.  This is all they need to join in.  This should be great fun and other family members are welcome to join in!

As you will have seen yesterday, Bishy’s Got Talent is happening online this year!  Children should send any videos of their talents to Miss McDowall by May 26th.  I can’t wait to see what they produce!


You know where I am if you need anything.  Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Campbell

This week 4/11/20

Good evening everyone.

This is certainly a strange week!  Our 2 days of learning have been quick.  As always, the children have been working so hard.  We have 2 inservice days on Wednesday and Thursday and it is a holiday on Friday.  I do not expect the children to do any work over these days.  This is a chance to chill, enjoy time with family and recharge our batteries.

Next Friday the 15th I thought the children would like to do an online quiz with the rest of the class.  This will be like the quizzes we have all been doing with families.  They will need a pencil and paper.  The questions will come thick and fast to avoid time to google!!!!  Family members are welcome to join in.  It will be at 2pm and I will set team meeting to join.

I hope you all have a lovely few days and I look forward to catching up on Monday.  Stay safe and well.

Mrs Campbell

Internet issues

There seems to be a problem with Teams and Glow this morning.  My home internet is also playing up.  If you can’t access work, don’t worry-continue to do something like reading a book, playing a board game, practising tables, playing in the garden.  Hopefully it will be sorted soon.

Mrs Campbell

Week beginning Monday 27th April

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  This is the plan for this wee but please be as flexible as your personal circumstances needs you to be.

Monday – register, spelling – new words and definitions, maths – basic equations, HWB from Mrs Marshall,  fitness of your choice, Reader response, Titanic poster task

Tuesday – register, spelling – syllables and rhyming words, Grammar from Mrs Marshall, number talk, maths – basic equations,  HWB, Paths, team meeting 2pm

Wednesday – register, spelling – parts of speech, fitness,  handwriting, French, maths – word problems, HWB, Masterclass

Thursday – register, spelling – root and shoot words, fitness comprehension, maths – angles, numbertalk, Paths, HWB

Friday – register, spelling quiz, fitness, maths – tables quiz, free writing, HWB, check in meeting 2pm

As always, continue with your reading at home.  Use the AR quizzes, Big Cats and Oxford Owls websites.

I thought that by giving you the plan for the week, you could organise your days.  You can do the tasks in any order you like.

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Marshall

Chapter 1 Titanic Detective Agency

Here is Chapter 1 of our new class novel – The Titanic Detective Agency.  We will be using this book for Topic and Language so please try to listen to it on the day it is posted.  It sounds very intriguing already!  If you have the book at home, you can read along.

Mrs Campbell

Next week

Good afternoon everyone.

I hope you have been enjoying the holidays even though it has been a bit different!  At least the weather has been kind to us!  I thought I would let you know what is happening on Monday.

There will be a Register post on Teams.  This is where I need everyone to leave a reply to let me know they are online.  Please don’t start a new conversation post here.

There will then be a Jobs For Today post. I will let you know on here what your work is for the day.  There will be spelling, a literacy, numeracy, health and well being task and something from another curricular area each day.  Our new topic is Titanic.  We will be reading The Titanic Detective Agency as our class novel.  I will record a chapter each day and put it in the blog.  If you bought the book at our author visit, you are welcome to read along.

This is not the term any of us were expecting but I know we will make it the best term possible.  Please do not worry about technical issues.  We will work through these together.

We will have a Teams meeting on Monday at 2pm to catch up.  This will be without cameras but we will have a chance to hear how everyone is.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I can’t wait to hear all of your news on Monday!

Mrs Campbell