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Song of the Clyde – P5S/P5R

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As part of our music lessons and to tie in with your River Clyde topic you will be learning the song below. We will be practising in class however you will also need to practice at home too. Please access the video and lyrics to the song below. The lyrics are slightly out of sync on the video but you can use the paper copy that I have already given you.

Song of the Clyde

Mrs. Hughes

P5S Substance Misuse Research Task

Using the website links below, your task is to design and create a PowerPoint Presentation to inform your classmates of the dangers of substance misuse. You must:

  • Identify some substances that are not good for your body.
  • Identify the effects that they might have on your body/decision making.
  • Show how pressure from others can influence people to take/not take drugs.
  • Identify how to recognise the symptoms of drug taking.
  • Identify how to get help when needed.

Remember that not all drugs are illegal. Try to also include some of your own feelings towards drug taking in your presentation.