P5C Research Task

Good Morning Primary 5,

Today you are going to take part in a research task for your classification science topic.

You are going to learn all about extinct and endangered animals. Sometimes, when animals are threatened or something changes in their habitat, they adapt themselves to suit their environment. This ensures that they live on. If they do not adapt, they can become extinct. You have been given an A5 worksheet about certain organisms and their adaptations.  Use the websites below to research these animals and fill in the sheet about their adaptations.

Adaptations of the Camels (exploringnature.org)

How Are Penguins Adapted To A Life In Antarctica? – WorldAtlas

List of Savanna Animals (sciencing.com)

Adaptations of plants – Ecosystems and habitats – KS3 Biology – BBC Bitesize – BBC Bitesize

If you finish, use the WWF website to choose an animal and find out about its conservation status. On the back of your sheet, explain why this animals has its particular conservation status.

Species List | Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Animals | WWF (worldwildlife.org)

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