P5R Transport Class Talk

P5 Transport Talk

I am developing confidence when engaging with others within and beyond my place of learning. I can communicate in a clear, expressive way and I am learning to select and organise resources independently. LIT 2-10a / LIT 3-10a

Your task for your class talk this term is to choose a form of transport that interests you.

This could be current forms of transport such as cars, buses, trains, planes etc.  Or you could look at transport from the past like the Penny Farthing.  You might talk about the change over time for a form of transport.  For example looking at how cars have changed over time. You might look at more modern ideas for cars such as the electric car or the flying car!


You should prepare your talk to last between 2 and 4 minutes.

This can be presented in any way you choose -a poster, a powerpoint, a model etc…..

Your talk should be ready to present to the class by Friday 4thJune


  • A nice clear, loud voice
  • Detail about your chosen topic
  • Good eye contact with your audience
  • Well prepared and practised

I look forward to hearing your talks.  Good luck!

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