P5R wk beg 17.5.21

Good evening,

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Homework and news as follows:


Spelling  –

Our spelling sound this week is the prefix anti.

antidandruff    antidote

antibiotic         antithesis








Monday – Write/ type the words out twice.  Remember to look for sounds, special friends and distant friends.

Tuesday – Choose 2 words and write a rhyming word for each.  Choose 2 words and write a root and shoot word for each.  For example for antifreeze the root word would be freeze and you could find the word freezing for a new shoot word.

Wednesday – Choose 5 words and write a sentence for each.

Thursday – Revise your words for your spelling quiz on Friday.

Maths – This week I would like you to log in to Sumdog.  It has been set up to carry out a diagnostic quiz.  Then you will be able to play some games.  I have also linked the 2 expressions and equations games to try.:


Genius Boxing

Compare equations

Reading – Reading books are due in on Friday 21st May.


The class song has now been linked in Teams. It is linked at the left side named P5R Song.  The children each have some words to learn.  They can start practising.  We are currently waiting for the t-shirts to arrive and be given out.  When this is done you can send in your part of the song to the email linked in this message on Glow.  Video information

Thank you for all of your continued support.  Have a great week.

Mrs Fulton


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