This week

Good afternoon

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a continued thank you to you and your children.  They have working so hard every day and I thank you for supporting them to do this.  They all seem to have got into really good routines and are so independent!  As always, please email me if you are having any issues you wish to talk about.  I fully understand the pressures just now with homeworking, learning, looking after elderly and shielding relatives along with day to day necessities!

Each day I post assignments/tasks for the children to try to complete.  If they can’t get them all done then please do not worry.  The last thing I want is added pressure and it is not expected they sit at a screen for prolonged lengths of time.  Tasks can carry on to the next day or few days.  Again, if you feel your child is struggling, drop me a wee email.

On Friday we will be having a Teams Meeting at 1.30pm.  This will lead into a Kahoot online fun quiz which the children can take part in if they are free.  We will keep the teams meeting running alongside.  The children should google Kahoot and I will post them a pin code on our team page on Friday morning.  This is all they need to join in.  This should be great fun and other family members are welcome to join in!

As you will have seen yesterday, Bishy’s Got Talent is happening online this year!  Children should send any videos of their talents to Miss McDowall by May 26th.  I can’t wait to see what they produce!


You know where I am if you need anything.  Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Campbell

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