Week beginning Monday 27th April

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  This is the plan for this wee but please be as flexible as your personal circumstances needs you to be.

Monday – register, spelling – new words and definitions, maths – basic equations, HWB from Mrs Marshall,  fitness of your choice, Reader response, Titanic poster task

Tuesday – register, spelling – syllables and rhyming words, Grammar from Mrs Marshall, number talk, maths – basic equations,  HWB, Paths, team meeting 2pm

Wednesday – register, spelling – parts of speech, fitness,  handwriting, French, maths – word problems, HWB, Masterclass

Thursday – register, spelling – root and shoot words, fitness comprehension, maths – angles, numbertalk, Paths, HWB

Friday – register, spelling quiz, fitness, maths – tables quiz, free writing, HWB, check in meeting 2pm

As always, continue with your reading at home.  Use the AR quizzes, Big Cats and Oxford Owls websites.

I thought that by giving you the plan for the week, you could organise your days.  You can do the tasks in any order you like.

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Marshall

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