P5R Thursday 26th March

I hope you are all well and looking after one another.  I will list below the tasks for Thursday.  Please remember do only what you can and make sure you have some free time and fresh air.  Technology is still unreliable at times so please don’t worry if tasks do not upload etc.  I have put on to try Manga High.  If you didn’t receive a log in for this site, I will try and email it across tomorrow.  Until then, play some of the other Maths games if you can.

Spelling  – Roots and shoots

Literacy – Perspective Writing task

Maths – Quiz and Ict games

Paths – scenarios

P.e – Fitness workout and fresh air.

Have a great day and as always thank you for your continued support.  I will continue to upload the next days tasks the night before so they are ready for the morning.

Mrs Fulton

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