P5 Class Scottish Parliament timeline task

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Learning Outcome: I can create a detail timeline showing how the Scottish Parliament has evolved over time.

I can investigate a Scottish historical theme to discover how past events or the actions of individuals or groups have shaped Scottish society. SOC 2-03a

I can use evidence selectively to research current social, political or economic issues. SOC 2-15a

Skill for Learning:   Knowing:  I can identify important information. I can use this information to explain events which have taken place over time.

Social Skill:   Having a role within the group:  I can take on a role to ensure my group achieve success in this task.

The Scottish Parliament has evolved over many generations: 1235 – present day. Your task today will take you through the many important dates and events that have occurred between then and now. Please use the link below to access the required information. You should follow your task sheet carefully to ensure you are completing the task correctly.

Scottish Parliament Timeline

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