P5S – Euclid Maths Homework w/b 28.05.2019

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Please read each question carefully.  Remember a date and title (your group name) should be given. Layout of your work should be the same as in your class jotter. All workings should be shown and a sentence answer given.

  1. Abbey and Sofia love to draw. Between them they have 969 colouring pens and pencils. They shared them equally between themselves and Eilish. How many pens/pencils did each girl have? If each pen/pencil has a value of 5p, what would the total bundle cost?
  1. Last weekend Millie and Leah went shopping for their dance costumes. The total cost of their outfits was £14.69. If they paid with a £20.00 note, how much change did they receive?
  1. Ruaridh and Innes decided to run up and down the grassy patch beside the huts 4 times in total. If the grassy patch is 6 metres in length, what distance did the boys run?
  1. Rio and Evan were invited to a chess tournament. They were asked to arrive at 10.15am. If it took the boys 1 hour and 45 minutes to travel there, what time would they have to leave Bishopton?
  1. There are 27 children in our class and 33 in P1P/P1S. If one tenth of the children brought a piece of fruit to our Read & Munch session, how many children did not?

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