P5S – Pythagoras Maths Homework w/b 06.05.2019

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Please read each question carefully.  Remember a date and title (your group name) should be given. Layout of your work should be the same as in your class jotter. All workings should be shown and a sentence answer given.

  1. Lewis cut a pizza into 16 slices (it was an extra large pizza). He gave Innes ¾ of it. How many slices were left?
  1. Evie M had to pay for her PACE sessions in advance. If each session costs £5.50, how much did Evie need to pay for 12 sessions?
  1. Aimee was attending her ice-skating lessons at the weekend. She left her house at 10.15am and arrived at the ice-rink at 11.07am. Aimee stayed at the rink for 2 hours before heading home. If her journey home took the same length of time as it did on the way there, what time did Aimee arrive home?
  1. Miley and Evie G walked to the Co-op for some snacks. On the way there they took 11,467 steps. How many steps had they walked by the time they got home?
  1. Evan had £8.26 to spend. If he spent two sevenths of it at Costcutters on Jolly Ranchers, how much money did Evan spend? How much did he have left?


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