P5S – Homework w/b 29.04.2019

Good morning! I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Homework and reminders for the coming week can be found below.

If you are unsure of any aspect of your homework, please remember to ask in class as soon as possible. You may also leave a comment on the blog for me. Please DO NOT leave any questions until the day your homework is due as this will be too late.

Spelling:  List 30 should be completed this week. You should write all of your words out twice in your spelling jotter. Please complete five sentences. Try to include a variety of interesting VCOP. Please remember that we should not be using openers I, My, The, It, There or A as we are continuing to up-level our work as much as possible. Each sentence should include a spelling rule word. You should also find two further words that include the same spelling rule. This task should be returned to school by Friday.

Personal Reading Challenge:  Personal reading should be completed as often as possible (not just during ERIC time) to allow you to achieve your target. Remember your Accelerated Reader book counts towards your target. Once you complete a book please add it to your reading passport.

Please remember to bring your book to school as this will allow you to read it during our ERIC sessions.

Reading: You should complete your book for Thursday 2nd May. Please read aloud to someone at home remembering to use expression where needed. You should discuss your book using the Three Sharings method: What do you like/dislike about the book?, Is there anything that puzzles you about what you have read?, Do you have any connections with what has happened/characters within the book?

Maths:   Please access the relevant link below.   When calculating your answers, you should use the methods we have been learning in class. Please use the method you find most easiest. This task should be completed and returned to school by Friday 3rd.





  1.  P.E. will be on Tuesday and Friday.  Please ensure you have a full kit. Long hair should be tied back.
  2. Please remember to return the form relating to the new cashless system.
  3. Forms relating to the swimming sessions held in Primary 6 were issued last week. These should be completed and returned as soon as possible. Both pages should be completed.
  4. For our science experiment on Thursday a small carrier bag is required. If possible, this should be the lightweight ones (5p ones in the supermarket). I will bring one in tomorrow to show you an example.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend. See you tomorrow.

Mrs O’Neill

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