P5S – Fibonacci Maths Homework w/b 29.04.2019

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Please read each question carefully.  Remember a date and title (your group name) should be given. Layout of your work should be the same as in your class jotter. All workings should be shown and a sentence answer given.

  1. Ruaridh had a bag of Jolly Ranchers. He gave away ⅓ of the pack to his friends. If there were 42 sweets in the pack, how many sweets did Ruaridh give away?
  1. In P5S there are 27 pupils. Two thirds of the children have already brought their field shoes into school. How many children have still to bring their shoes in?
  1. At lunchtime there was 32 children in Picnic Paradise. Three eighths  of them put their litter in the bin. How many of them did not dispose of their litter properly?
  1. Out of the 40 cars in the car park,  ¼  are dark coloured. How many cars are light coloured?
  1. There are 546 children in our school; two sixths of which regularly have a school lunch. How many children regularly have a school lunch and how many do not?

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