P5S – Euclid Maths Homework w/b 15.04.2019

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Please read each question carefully.  Remember a date and title (your group name) should be given. Layout of your work should be the same as in your class jotter. All workings should be shown and a sentence answer given.

  1.  Morrisons took a delivery of 4,220 Easter eggs. They sold 1,300 on Thursday and 2,124 on Friday. If they had 350 eggs left on Sunday, how many did they sell on Saturday?

2.  There are 4 Easter eggs in a box. If the Co-op has 1,248 eggs, how        many boxes do they have?

3.  Costcutters are selling medium sized Easter eggs for £3.00.  If                 you have £20.00, how many eggs can you buy? How much                        change will you have?

4.  Hannah has two extra large bags of chocolate mini eggs. Each bag        contains 725 mini eggs. If Hannah shares them equally between            herself and 3 friends, how many eggs do each of them receive?              Are there any left over?

5.  On Easter Sunday Carys and Jude are visiting their grandparents         in Greenock. If they leave their house at 10.15am and return                   later in the day at 6.20pm, how long will they have been away                 from home? What time did they leave and return in 24 hour                     clock?

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