P5S – Where in Scotland is ……..?

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Learning Outcome: I can successfully use a map to locate specific places and show these on a blank map.

To extend my mental map and sense of place, I can interpret information from different types of maps and am beginning to locate key features within Scotland, UK, Europe or the wider world.  SOC 2-14a

Our first task for our new topic was to find out where a number of places and landmarks are located within Scotland. Using our class atlases we had to find different towns and cities and then plot them on our own map of Scotland – which was a little tricky! However, once you got going with it, you did really well. Everyone should now know where a lot of the big cities are within Scotland.

Once we finished that part of the task, we then plotted them onto a larger map of Scotland which is now on display on your wall space.

Here is everyone hard at work.

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