P5S – Maths Week – Day 2

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Today we had another busy day of maths. This morning we linked our P.E. session with maths and took part in a number of timed exercises. How did you do? Did you manage to complete them all?

Here you are keeping fit and using maths.

Next we learned about a number of famous mathematicians and their discoveries. Can you tell someone at home something about them? Your fact files are really taking shape and I look forward to reading them.

This afternoon we learned all about Fibonacci and the sequence of numbers he invented. Can you remember how the sequence is worked out?  We also looked at Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio and how it is found in so many places. Can you remember where examples of the Golden Ratio spiral can be found? Please wow someone at home with your knowledge.

Image result for fibonacci

Here are some of our spiral designs. More to follow soon.





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