P5R wk beg 27.08.18

Good evening, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Homework and news as follows:


Spelling sound this week is -nch as in lunch and crunch.  This week we are working from List 2.  The children worked very hard on their spelling last week.  They complete an unseen quiz on Monday and then a quiz on Friday to see how well they have learned their words.  The increase in result scores last week,  was fantastic.  Keep this up!!!

Maths – We have been working on adding a single digit to HTU. e.g 435 + 7.  This week our homework is linked to this.  This work should be completed mentally and answers written in their maths homework jotters.  The children know they should write the sum and the answer.  They should be able to explain how they get their answer.  Strategies include  – counting on,  adding ten and taking away the extra amount, counting up to the next ten and then counting on etc.  Maths homework jotters should be covered this week please.

Reading – I am currently completing running records with all of the children and hope to have this finished by Friday.   They will receive their first core reading book next Monday.  We have spoken in class about our personal reading challenge and children should be able to tell me their predicted reading book number this week.  They will receive a reading journal to record all of the books they are reading at home and in class.  Books can be brought to school to read during ERIC time.


The children have been working very hard in Topic lessons.  They have been completing research about the River Clyde and many of the attractions that run along this river.  This week we will be completing a mapping activity to place these attractions along the Clyde.  Pictures will appear on the blog when I have all of the data about blog picture permission.

On Friday we had our Pupil Council election.  Well done to all of the children who spoke in front of the class.  We were very proud of you all.  2 children were elected by the class.  Pictures to follow.

P.e is on Monday and Thursday.

Thank you to those who have returned letters already.

Have a great week.

Mrs Fulton

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