P5 – River Clyde Research Task – In class task

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Today we will be working on the first task for our River Clyde topic. To have an understanding of the size of the River Clyde you need to be aware of the different places and landmarks found on the River Clyde. It really does cover a very large area!

For this task you will have a task sheet to guide you. Please follow the directions on your task sheet closely to ensure you cover all of the areas required. This is a jigsaw task which means you will be responsible for learning about certain landmarks on behalf of your group. You will become the expert!

Please see your task sheet for details of the learning outcomes and skills we are focusing on today.

Only the links below should be used during this task.

The River Clyde  –  video watch as a class

History of the Clyde  –  video  watch as a class

The Tall Ship

The Titan Crane (Finnieston)

The Titan Crane (Scotstoun)

The Titan Crane (Clydebank)

The Titan Crane (Greenock)

PS Waverley

Science Centre

John Brown Shipyard

Dumbarton Castle 

Dumbarton Castle 2

Renfrew Ferry

Erskine Bridge

Newark Castle

Newark Castle 2

Lyle Hill

Cloch Lighthouse

Kempoch Stone

Kempoch Stone 2

Google Maps: The River Clyde

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