P5S – Today’s Topic

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Today we joined our new topic groups. After completing our talking chips task, you had the opportunity to “put your voice on the table” in your new groups. We then took part in a team building task. I was very impressed at just how well many of the new groups worked with one another. It was just wonderful to see! Well done! Please tell someone at home what you had to do.

This afternoon you worked on a Home Team Challenge for our new topic: The River Clyde. Together you had to discuss what I would see and hear you doing as a group. We had some great suggestions: listening to one another, no talking over others, one person talking at a time, good communication, sharing of ideas to name a few.

Your task for today was to come up with a group name linked to the River Clyde. You then had to create a wall space banner and header which displayed the qualities ans skills of each group member. Again, I was very impressed at how well you completed this task. Keep it up Primary 5!




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