P5S – Brazil Personal Projects

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Today we completed the majority of our personal project presentations. Once again, WOW! The standards have been set really high P5S. I was truly amazed at the ideas and effort  you put into this task. The enthusiasm for this task was apparent in the variety of presentations given over the last two days. We had PowerPoints, posters, models, videos and we even had some dancing.

I was also delighted at the number of you who acted on the feedback given for last term’s presentations with regards to making eye contact with your audience. Some of you still need to work on this but others obviously practiced incredibly hard to ensure you aced it this time. Well done!

We still have a couple of presentations to see and their photographs will be added very soon. Here are some photographs of you all in action. Please show someone at home what you have all been creating. Leave a comment and let me know what they think!

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