P5S – Time for Triangles

Image result for isosceles triangle

Yesterday we continued with our Shape topic and learned all about the different types of triangles and their properties. To help with your understanding  we played a sorting game where you had to look at the properties of the different triangles and display them under the correct name. Can you remember how to spell (and pronounce) the names? They were rather tricky! Can you tell someone the name of the triangle above? What are its properties?

Next you all became detectives and had to solve a couple of crimes. You had to use your knowledge of the properties of each type of triangle, try to work out who the culprit was and send them to jail.

Before heading out for lunch, everyone had to complete an exit pass and tell me the names of the triangles and their properties. Some of the spelling was very inventive! We may just need to have a little “triangle” spelling test soon.

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