P5S – Brazil – Home Team Challenge

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Today we started our new topic on Brazil with a research task. Each of our new groups had to research a number of aspects relating to Brazil. You were to take suitable notes, with headings, that you then used to decide on a group name. Are you able to share some interesting facts with someone at home? Do you know what the motto is on the Brazilian flag (and what it means) or how many stars it has on it? Can you tell someone about the Brazilian national animal?

Our Learning Outcome for this task was: I can create an interesting group name which is linked to Brazil.

I can discuss issues of the diversity of cultures, values and customs in our society. SOC 2-16c

I can make notes, organise them under suitable headings and use them to understand information, develop my thinking, explore problems and create new texts, using my own words as appropriate. LIT 2-15a

The skills were:

Skill for LearningSynthesis: I can list my research under suitable headings. I can use this information to help my group choose a suitable group name

 Social Skill: As a group we can reach an agreement in the correct manner.

I was very impressed at just how well some of our new groups worked on their first task together. I heard some great ideas being shared and notes were being discussed.  How wisely did you use your time? Did you manage to finish your task in the allocated time or does your group need to work on their time management this term?

Here are some photographs of our new groups working on their Home Team Challenge.

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